Sasani Africa sold to subsidiary


Sasani Africa (Pty) Limited has been sold to Sabido Properties (Pty) Limited, a subsidiary of holding company, Sabido Investments. The deal, which is subject to Competition Commission approval, includes the film, television and educational interests of Sasani as well as the Highlands North studio complex.

Sasani Africa CEO, Geoff Green, said that staff at Sasani was delighted with the deal as it aligns the production interests with the production requirements of Sabido’s media assets. Green said that Sasani was building an additional two 1000m2 studios to the Highlands North complex to support studio requirements for productions..

He explained that there would be little or no change in the operations of Sasani as a result of the deal. Management at the holding company level and at subsidiary level would be unaffected, and the intention was to continue to position Sasani to offer services to the broader film and television production sectors.

Exiting major shareholder, James Whitehouse said that he was particularly pleased to sell to a media group with whom management would be able to optimise the full Sasani potential. Together with the significant empowerment element in the new shareholder (Sabido’s majority shareholder is listed black empowerment company HCI), he felt they would have an excellent chance to extend the opportunities for staff across all Sasani companies.


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