Hollywood strike latest


As support for the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike hots up, members of the Screen Actors Guild of America (SAG) have been warned that if they refuse to cross picket lines, it will be a breach of SAG’s contract with producers.

“If you are contracted to work on a television series or motion picture that continues to produce while the WGA is on strike, you are obligated by your personal service agreement and the “No Strike’ clause in our collective bargaining agreements to go to work,’ SAG President Alan Rosenberg told his members.

The WGA strike relates to the issue of residuals from Internet and DVD sales. Former Disney chief Michael Eisner has been quoted as saying the strike is misguided, on the basis that revenue from digital media will remain “non-existent’ for the next three years at least.

As a result of production being halted on many US television dramas and sitcoms because of the strike, it is expected that more reality and news magazine shows will appear on network schedules.

Meanwhile, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has reportedly been trying to encourage writers and producers to re-negotiate with the help of a federal mediator. (Source: Studio Briefing)


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