Choc chomping has its own Tempo


Working on the premise that we all move to our own unique inner rhythm, the new Cadbury’s Tempo TV advert plays on the concept of an individual’s inner confidence being strong enough to influence everything around them.

The advert follows a young male “Chad’ who, as he consumes his Cadbury’s Tempo bar, radiates his inner rhythm to all those who surround him in the city. Those around him, and the city itself, progressively adjust their own beats to move to Chad’s irresistible rhythm.

“Keeping the consumer in mind, we have produced work that places Tempo in the 21st century in South Africa, a place that is contemporary, upbeat and confident about its presence,’ says Kady Winetzki, Executive Creative Director at Publicis Johannesburg.

“Tempo is one of South Africa’s biggest brands and we are all very excited about advertising it for the first time in 15 years. The new formulation tastes better than ever and the refreshed pack graphics really stand out on the shelf,’ says Cadbury Marketing Director, Geoff Whyte.

The commercial was directed by award winning director, Mark Lawrie from Collective Energy.


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