Abu Dhabi Group offers mobile content in Africa, Asia


A spokesperson for the Abu Dhabi Group announced on 2 September that Abu Dhabi Media set up mobile content offerings in Africa and Asia. The content comes from Germany’s Bertelsmann and includes the music of Elvis Presley, Christina Aguilera, Celine DIon and Bob Dylan..

The holding company, Abu Dhabi Group, owned by a member of the ruling family of Abu Dhabi emirate. bought 50% of Bertelsmann’s Middle East mobile phone affiliate Arvato Middle East Sales last month.

Abu Dhabi Media will tap into the telecoms and digital media markets in several countries throughout Africa and Asia, Gulf News reported. The group plans to establish operations in Ivory Coast and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Abu Dhabi group has investments in banking, construction, real estate and manufacturing and seeks business in under-penetrated mobile phone markets where growth potential is high.


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