Creating Mayhem


When a production title is Mayhem you know you are in for a tough shoot, especially when the production lead up time is seven days and a supermarket as well as the interior of a house needs to be built and designed. According to The Fabulous Boomtown Boys there were even greater challenges.

The concept required The Fabulous Boomtown Boys to involve MXFX Studios to provide years of experience to this challenging shoot which required kitchen shelves to collapse, a television set to break up, a picture frame to fall off a wall, a vase with flowers to split in two, a car to degenerate, a supermarket to fill with water and yuk, shelves with fruit to collapse, trolleys to fall, a man to fall off a breaking up ladder …And all this had to happen live on camera.

It sounds impossible but through careful planning and extremely long hours, The Fabulous Boomtown Boys say they managed to pull the shoot off in four days. In addition they also completed another commercial for their client titled Needles. Jorge Rubia who travels between Spain, Dubai and Cape Town directed the commercial.

The Fabulous Boomtown Boys producer Craig Jones pulled all the elements together in record time ensuring that that the end product was an intriguing commercial. “What’s made it even more special is that all post production is being done in Cape Town by Condor, who assisted greatly with on set advice, which instilled confidence as we treated each scenario with due diligence and passion,’ says Jones.

The Fabulous Boomtown Boys have also secured another international commercial which is in production for Nokia, which will be flighted in Dubai, South America, Lebanon and Africa. Exciting times ahead!


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