Funny ads for ABSA


Bevan Cullinan from Fresh Film Productions recently united with Jupiter Drawing Room to direct five commercials for banking giant ABSA.

That the ads are all funny is not surprising as humour is synonymous with Cullinan. All five draw parallels to having too much time on our hands now that ABSA has introduced internet banking.

Special mention goes to the man who is trying to train his pet chicken like you would a dog. Another ad sees an employee facing his boss with 6 483 petitions because there is no hand lotion in the men’s toilets. Making words with alphabet soup tops the list as too much time to spare. Cullinan says, “It definitely beats standing in a bank queue.’

Actors were cast for their performance ability and interesting looks. “I’m not a fan of shooting performance based commercials with wall to wall pretty people. Anyway actors with a more interesting look shoot better,’ says Cullinan.


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