SA box office’s ultimatum


Matt Damon’s “The Bourne Ultimatum’, the sequel to “The Bourne Solution’ which was the sequel to “The Bourne Identity’, arrived with a bang on the South African circuit, taking R3.5m in its first week (10 to 16 August). It has bumped the animated 2D “The Simpsons Movie’ out of top spot.

“License to Wed’, the romantic comedy starring Robin Williams and Mandy Moore, is in third place followed by the effects movie “Tansformers’ which has made R8.8m to date. In fifth place is “Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix’ which has amassed R13.3m in five blockbusting weeks.

Jane Austen fans have obviously been coming out in their droves, as the semi-fictional arthouse biopic, “Becoming Jane’ performed well enough in its opening week (earning R602 000) to secure sixth spot in the top 10. (Figures supplied by SAFACT)


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