Interns at Sub urban


They are John Nyoka, a 28-year-old film student who would like to become a producer, Kim McBride (21), Nokwanda Mchunu (23) and Zandile Ntuli (25) from Big Fish School of Digital Filmmaking.

Sub urban’s MD/ Executive Producer, Linda Notelovitz Goodall says, “These students have been welcomed into our business with warmth and patience. It’s not uncommon for interns’ time to be abused through the delegation of menial tasks that no-one else wants to do, but we’re committed to providing mentorship, advice and experience to help them achieve their dreams within the film industry.’

The students are specialising in cinematography, directing, editing, writing and producing. Our key staff have given each intern the time and resources to learn as much as possible within their respective fields of interest. In fact, they’ve been involved in the last two shoots to become more hands-on and see how it all really happens. So far, this has been the highlight for all interns and an experience that has given them a true reflection of the hard work required on set.

Linda continues, “The students have been given the opportunity to present and workshop their ideas with luminaries such as Director, Miles Goodall, as well as local and US agency creatives. This exposure and platform for feedback is incredibly valuable and provides huge insights for them to learn from.’

Sheilla Kubheka, Sub urban’s female commercial director who’s worked with local brands such as Lucky Star, Financial Mail and Koo, has been tasked with working with the interns to recreate a Vuka for Dedelingoma, an NGO that gives care and healing therapeutic sessions to Caregivers. At the end of the month-long internship, the commercial must be completed.

Says Kubheka, “It’s been great to be able to pass on the tips and tricks of the business, and it’s been surprisingly humbling. The energy exchange that we promote so much in our company is brought to life in situations like this one. As much as I’ve been teaching the interns, I’ve learnt new things through the questions that they’ve asked me. So, it’s wonderfully rewarding. I look forward to seeing the results of the real test – the Vuka commercial.’

Weekly blogs of the interns’ experiences will be posted on Sub urban’s MySpace ( – ).


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