New LG mobile phone commercial


Film director Jonathan Parkinson of Fresh Eye Film Productions directed the new LG commercial, promoting the latest KE600 mobile phone. The commercial was conceptualised by creative director Scott Riddell of Brand New Advertising. According to Riddell, Parkinson added great value with his vision. “He brought more meaning to each step of the story.’

To highlight the phone’s unique scroll wheel a skate boarder and break dancer are seen doing their moves in a crowd and being controlled by the new LG music phone user.

Parkinson says he wanted to show how the cell phone user controls his environment with the new DJ scratching function. “If you look closely you will realise the skate boarder and break dancer rewind while the crowd continue their normal movements behind them. In an ironic ending, DJ Lady Lea is also “scratched’, showing how the consumer can really “live to their own beat’.’


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