February Creative Circle Awards


The results of the judging of the February 2007 entries have been announced. The winners are as follows:

Newspaper: 1. SABC/Good Hope FM “Bulb’ – BBDO CT

2. RBK/Sanpic “Toilet/Basin/Bathroom’ – JWT (Jhb)

3. M-Net/No Ad Breaks “Cowboy/Alien/Psycho/Kung Fu’ – Ogilvy

Magazine1. 3M/Super-Sticky Post-It “Bike’ – Grey Worldwide

2. 3M/Super-Sticky Post-It “Diver’ – Grey Worldwide

3. Multichoice/ESPN – Seating Areas “Basketball/Baseball/Boxing’ – Ogilvy

Outdoor 1 Sasol/Soccer Sponsorship “Attire/No Rules/Game Duration’ – TBWA Hunt Lascaris

2. Exclusive Books/The Love of Cooking Book-Rude Food “Mushroom/Melons/Mussel’


3. Virgin Atlantic/Upper Class Suite/MPH Motorshow “Lamborghini Key’ –

Net#Work BBDO

3. AAA School of Advertising/Copywriting/Art Direction/Design Courses “X/Expand/

Elephant/Curve’ – The Jupiter Drawing Room (South Africa)


Unilever/Sunlight Washing Powder “Salesman’ – Lowe Bull (Jhb)

Capitec Bank “Matchbox’ – BBDO CT

3 Sanofi-Aventis/Maalox “Crab’ – Publicis (Jhb)


1. SABC/Cricket World Cup “Pun’ – Net#Work BBDO

2. Exclusive Books/The Joy of Cooking “Rude Food’ – Ogilvy

3. Sports Illustrated/Greatest Images 2006 “Maria Sharapobva’ – Saatchi & Saatchi

The judging panel for February 2007 comprised of :

Julian Watt Net#Work BBDO

Bruce Anderson Grey Worldwide

Sanele Ngubane Ogilvy

Matthew Barns Tequila

Eoin Welsh KingJames

Darren Borrino Lowe Bull

Catherine Thompson FCB

Terry McKenna Leo Burnett

Neil Ross JWT


This month we agreed to prototype a slightly different system. The work would be judged as normal, but before the actual scores and winners were announced, we’d open the floor for debate. The agreement was that the debate could not alter the original scores the judges had given.

The result was interesting, fascinating and disturbing (in that order).

While the general standard of the work was average, the work that got most debate didn’t actually win. And the winning work didn’t initiate much debate at all.

Which creates debate regarding the science of averages and its effect on isolating winners. There’s certainly some work to be done here and I’ll be asking the Exco to consider a more decisive system.

To the work: It was a thin month by volume and quality. The 1+1 = 3 formula of incongruity and cleverness reigns. Yahoo adland.

There seemed to be a number of ideas that were just better art directed versions of ads and formulae we’ve already seen (and judged), and poster still relies heavily on print ads blown up. Outdoor seems the freshest category since creatives are actually being creative when applying their minds to ambient and activation. Well done here.

None of us saw clear winners in any of the categories.

Perhaps it’s just a thin month prior to Cannes submissions, the quiet before the storm.

Let’s hope so.

Until then, keep the dream alive, have fun and consider whether your next great ad should even be an ad?



MAGAZINEAgency: Grey Worldwide

Client: 3M

Product: Super Sticky Post-It

Title: Bike

CD: Mike Barnwell

AD: Mike Barnwell/Rob Prinsloo

CW: Terry McKenna

Prod. Co. N/A

Photog. Mike Lewis


gency: BDO CT

Client: SABC

Product: Good Hope FM

Title: Bulb

CD: Ivan Johnson

AD: Quentin Arendse

CW: Warren van Rensburg

Prod Co: N/A

Photog: Jan Verboom


Agency: TBWA Hunt Lascaris

Client: Sasol

Product: Soccer Sponsorship

Title: Attire/No Rules/Game Duration

CD: Theo Ferreira

AD: Lapeace Kakaza/Bruce Anderson

CW: Festus Masekwameng

Produc. Co N/A


Agency: Lowe Bull Jhb

Client: Unilever

Product: Sunlight Washing Powder

Title: Salesman

CD: Gareth Lessing

AD: Peter Khoury/Christopher Charoux

CW: George Low/Stephanie van Nieker

Prod Co: Blender

Director: Cindy Lee

Editor: Marcel

Audio Eng: Pau lBaxter


Agency: Net#Work BBDO

Client: SABC

Product: Cricket World Cup

Title: Pun

CD: Julian Watt

CW: Slade Gill

Prod Co: Sterling Sound

Audio Eng: Lorens Persson

Audio Design N/A

Voice: Strini Pillai/Michael McCabe


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