Cannes Lions offers student delegate package


For the first time, full time advertising students will be able to enhance their education by attending the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival. The organisers of the event have announced that Alfred University in New York is the first to take up the offer.

The student delegate programme, aimed at those in full time education studying marketing, communication and advertising, will enable business colleges and universities to send their students to Cannes for the week taking advantage of the many opportunities the Festival has to offer. Registered students will be able to attend the most comprehensive seminar and workshop programme available to the industry, experience first hand all the different facets of the business, see and be inspired by the best creative work in the world.

Festival CEO, Phil Thomas, says “Attending the Festival is a fantastic learning experience for everybody, so it is only right to extend this unique opportunity to the next generation. We very much look forward to welcoming the first group of students from Alfred University next year and would like to encourage other advertising educational institutions to also include attending the annual event as part of their curriculum.’

“The opportunity to learn from the best and gain the real world knowledge and skills critical for the rapid changes impacting the future gives students attending the festival a significant competitive advantage in the global marketplace,” commented Bill Ward, Assistant Professor of Marketing, International Marketing & Advertising Program Leader of Alfred University.

A special registration fee will allow students to attend most of the Festival activities during the week. Professors accompanying groups of students will attend free of charge. The student delegate package will run separately to the already well established Roger Hatchuel Lions Academy. Student registrations are now open online at


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