Creative vision secure Creative Producer


‘Pots’ was with Creative Vision for just over a year in 2004-2005 and she worked her way from training producer to junior producer in that short space of

time. Unfortunately she was head-hunted and went on to produce two

documentaries and a trendy SABC 1 T.V show and has acquired valuable

knowledge from this experience.

In the year she spent with us, she wrote and helped conceptualize both

our major successes that went on to receive many awards. Our Child Rape

Awareness commercial, which won Gold at Promax is one that she

single-handedly wrote and produced. She also wrote and co-produced The

Mamtsotsi Bird, which has won numerous awards worldwide. Other than

being a good producer, she has proven to be a talented conceptualiser

and writer.

Having grown up in Soweto she has her finger on the pulse of the new

South Africa, and although very young she brings freshness to everything

she works on.

“Pots’ role of Creative Producer will make her a dynamic force in the

creation and production of innovative film making. She has sharp film

making instincts of her own and will be in a unique position to act as a

sounding board for the director, a true creative accomplice.

Having won two gold awards, one silver, a best director’s award in the

UK and the best editing award in the US in the past year, Creative Vision are looking forward to a very busy 2007.


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