Dyke demands BBC disclosure


According to Media Guardian, on 20 December Greg Dyke demanded that the BBC publish documents explaining why he was fired as its director-general in January 2004.

Dyke’s resignation, which came a day after then chairman Gavyn Davies stepped down, happened in the midst of the publication of the Hutton Report. The report revolved round accusations by BBC reporter Andrew Gilligan that the British government “sexed up’ its dossier on Iraq to build the case to go to war. One of Gilligan’s sources was Minister of Defence employee and former U.N. weapons inspector David Kelly, who committed suicide following the political scandal which ensued.

The Hutton Inquiry was ordered to look into the circumstances surrounding Kelly’s death. The report lashed out at the BBC, calling its editorial systems “defective” and criticizing the public broadcaster’s board of governors for a lack of independence.

On Wednesday, 20 December Dyke was due to appear at the Information Tribunal, to argue that the BBC should disclose the minutes of a meeting of the corporation’s governors in which it was decided that Dyke should be ousted. The former BBC chief, now the chairman of HIT Entertainment, is supporting a freedom of information application by the Guardian and Heather Brooke, an open government campaigner, for copies of the minutes.


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