NFVF Short Film Contests extended


Over three months ago, the NFVF announced two innovative short film contests in a bid to provide a voice for women filmmakers and black filmmakers using indigenous languages.

The NFVF will select four winners in each category providing, R300, 000 to each of the winning projects to produce their films. The indigenous language film contest must be written in a language other than English and have a black writer and director attached.

The woman filmmaker short film contest can be written in any language but must have a female writer and director.

The NFVF recently held a workshop for these two short film contests at Sithengi Film and Television Market. Due to the large demand from a large group of participants at Sithengi having not heard about the contest prior to the workshop, the NFVF has taken a decision to extend the deadline to January 2007.

The initial deadline was 30 December 2006, and the new deadline is now 31 January 2007.
For more information see delines.html

For further information please contact:

Ryan Haidarian
Head of Production and Development
National Film and Video Foundation
T: +27 11 483 0880
F: +27 11 483 0881


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