Moneypenny Services appoint new director


Moneypenny Services, a niche accounting and financial software and services provider to the film and entertainment industry, recently appointed Johanna McDowell as a director in South Africa. Moneypenny Services was started two and a half years ago in South Africa, and is a subsidiary of the successful Australian operation, which was founded 25 years ago.

McDowell is a Chief Executive and one of the three shareholders of the black-owned marketing services group Mazole Holdings and has worked with top advertising agencies, including SSC&B Lintas Advertising and Grey Phillips Bunton Mundel & Blake Advertising, becoming board director at age thirty-one. McDowell then worked in the UK with Brookes and Vernons as New Business and Marketing Development Director, only to return to South Africa in 1988 to head Grey Phillips, which was the largest advertising agency in South Africa at that time, with a staff compliment of 150.  More recently McDowell has been active in the public relations industry, founding Integrated Communications in 1992 which she exited in 2005 and subsequently joined Mazole Holdings.

McDowell’s appointment as a director of Moneypenny Services follows Mazole’s purchase of a 45% share of Moneypenny’s South African business, which provides Moneypenny with a 26% BEE profile.

 “In line with the Mazole investment strategy, if we take an investment in a company, one of our directors is appointed to that board,’ says McDowell.

While McDowell will not be operationally active, in terms of running projects, she will be part of the marketing process to build awareness of the company and to direct and build partnerships with other companies, with whom Moneypenny Services can have alliances in order to grow its business in South Africa.  She will also report back to the Mazole board regarding Moneypenny Services activities and performance.

Comments Jane Corden, CEO of Moneypenny Services Group, “Mazole’s investment in the South African  company is in its early stages and the appointment of one of the Mazole directors to our board is of strategic  importance in order to underscore our local presence and commitment to growth in South Africa.  Johanna’s appointment marks a significant step in our business plan for the country and we are looking forward to enjoying the full benefits of our relationship with Mazole Holdings and its three shareholders,’ concludes Corden.   


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