Weekend workshop for scriptwriters


Scriptwriters who would like to develop their craft and write for a visual medium are invited to develop the write attitude with The Writing Studio’s weekend workshop from 24 – 26 November at Screen Africa in Highlands North, Johannesburg.

Hosted by Screen Africa, this once-off motivational and inspirational outcome-based workshop follows in the tradition of workshop presented by the Cape Town-based studio the past eight years throughout South Africa.

The workshop is ideal for ANYONE with an idea for a story. If there is something or someone you want to write about this is your opportunity to turn thoughts into words. Within one weekend your idea (or novel) will be transformed into a concept that will be reworked into hardcopy, into 120 pages filled with action, description and dialogue in what is called a screenplay.

The course takes writers through the process of writing the first draft from concept to hard copy, and also examines the world of contemporary filmmaking and television.

The workshop looks at how to explore ideas and turn it into marketable concepts, develop concepts into stories that will evolve into a powerful South African film, series for television, or stageplay. It also looks at how to develop characters, the relationship between structure and the writer, writing dialogue, and how to sell yourself as a writer.

The weekend workshop will empower aspirant writers to write the screenplay of their dreams, as well as write for television or the stage. It offers writers the opportunity to find out who they are as writers, what medium their talent is suitable for, and what it takes to be a writer. It is also ideal for novelists and short story writers who would like to adapt their work into a visual medium.

One of the most important aspects of the workshops is to encourage local writers to find their voice as a writer and to write fresh, original stories that will reflect the uniqueness of their history, culture and experience.

The trainer is published playwright, writer and movie journalist Daniel Dercksen, who has been involved in movie journalism for more than 20 years and has been teaching workshops in scriptwriting and creative writing during the past eight years throughout South Africa.

The weekend workshop takes place on Friday 24 November, from 6pm until 9pm, and on Saturday, 25 November and Sunday, 26 November, from 9am until 6pm on both days.

The cost of the workshop is R950, with a discounted rate of R750 for scholars, students, and pensioners.

The agenda and registration form are available on the website:www.writingstudio.co.za

For more information contact 021 4255355 (during office hours), 072 474 1079, fax 086 672 1757 or email info@writingstudio.co.za


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