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The South African Guild of Editors (SAGE) is hosting the AVID Shared Storage workshop at Red Pepper facilities in September. The workshop will cover how the shared storage system works between edit suites, as well as day-to-day working tips and troubleshooting. Night One will focus on theoretical aspects to shared storage as well as setting up user groups, workspaces and creating access privileges. Night Two will be a practical tutorial utilizing the Red Pepper Avid Unity LANshare system on several Avids whereby the typical troubleshooting problems posed by shared storage will be encountered.

SAGE says this workshop is very important for freelance editors who want to keep ahead of the curve. “Technology changes rapidly and as editors we have to keep current with that everchanging technology. Even if you are not a freelancer and work on a single system it is imperative that you understand the new technologies that are out in the marketplace,” explains SAGE. Avid Unity shared storage has been in use in South Africa for over 2-years now and although it was initially set-up at the bigger facilities like SABC and M-Net, smaller facilities are now moving over to shared storage.

The workshop will be taught by Megan Deuse, senior editor of Craze
the 2-hour daily children’s show on e.tv. When Deuse first started working on the Avid Unity LANshare system nearly two years ago the technology was new to South Africa. She has had her fair share of trial and error with shared storage and is now considered one of South Africa’s most experienced editor’s on the Avid Unity LANshare.

This workshop is an introduction to shared storage on the Avid systems and combines lecture with hands-on Avid Unity LANshare tutorials on night two. Deuse will cover the basics of shared storage, specifically targeting the Avid Unity LANshare system, and will explain how the shared storage system works between edit suites. She will go over day-to-day working tips and troubleshooting on the Avid Unity LANshare, which is a big part of working on shared storage. Deuse will also focus on theoretical aspects to shared storage as well as setting up user groups and workspaces and creating access privileges.
There will also be a hands-on tutorial on night two where editors will work on an Avid Unity LANshare system and put into practice all that they have learned.

This workshop will have a manual and each student will receive a certificate upon completion. The SAGE workshops do not aim to make money but to cover expenses.

SAGE Avid Shared Storage Workshop details:

Dates: 27 & 28 September
Cost: SAGE Members – R450 and non-members R700
Venue: Red Pepper Facilities
Date: 27 & 28 September
Time: 18:30 a€” 21:00
e-mail: suescott@gmail.com to reserve a place. Space is limited to 8 a€” 10 people

Prep Course Notes: You will need to be familiar with the Avid editing system. Please have a basic understanding of what shared storage is, you can do this by going to:

More advanced reading:




http://www.xsanity.com/ (FCP’s shared storage)


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