Creative Vision wins Gold in America


Creative Vision’s 3D animated bird-like creature soars to new heights by winning GOLD in America’s Dusk Til Dawn International Film Festival.

The short film, ‘The Mamtsotsi Bird’, which boasts no less than 25 visual effects and 3D character animation, has won first prize in the supernatural / horror category of the From Dusk Til Dawn International Film Festival in Houston, Texas. It has also been NOMINATED for best supernatural film in California’s Action on Film Festival. Locally, the film received SILVER for best South African short film.

The Mamtsotsi Bird has been invited to play at the Edinburgh African in Motion Film Festival, which is by invitation only and showcases the best of African cinema. We have also received an invitation to play at the Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles.

‘I am overwhelmed that our film has done so incredibly well in festivals around the world. It was never our intention to enter festivals, but purely to showcase our visual effects and 3D talents. The world is hungry for new characters and stories. African mythology is new to most of the western world which has not been over exposed to African culture.’ Say’s director Jo Horn.

To date, it has been accepted into 26 International Film Festivals playing in Hollywood, New York, London, Los Angeles, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Rome, Cologne, Athens, Dublin, Sao Paulo, Zanzibar and Durban to name a few.

Some Additional Highlights:

– Being shown in the heart of Hollywood at the world famous Chinese Mann Theatre where some of the biggest premiers take place.

– Being accepted into the biggest film festival in North America, The World Film Festival in Montreal. This festival is recognized by the International Federation of Film Producers Association and is on par with the Cannes Film Festival.

– The 24 Hour Film Festival in New York which Time Magazine describes as one of the Top 20 events in New York City.

To view the trailer or to get more information about Creative Vision’s ‘The Mamtsotsi Bird’, please visit the website:

Alternatively, you can request a free shortened effects-only version or the full 12-minute version on DVD. (


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