Local company animates International commercials


London-based producer, Peter Mackenzie commissioned Creative Vision to animate 5 International Toyota commercials for Saatchi & Saatchi’s in the Middle East.

After approaching 5 animation companies, Peter decided to use Creative Vision for their ‘excellent understanding of the brief from the very beginning, their short turn around time and their complete commitment.’ Peter further stated that after initial doubts, the samples proved to him that certain elements could be done in animation as opposed to a 35mm film shoot, saving the production time and money.

Needless to say, the agency and the client where satisfied beyond expectation. He also mentioned that being able to work directly with the Director of animation, Brenton Green, was a refreshing experience. He was so impressed with Creative Vision’s enthusiasm and passion for the job that he allowed them to complete the online and sound design which was originally booked in London.

Peter is currently shooting a feature film in Dublin and has approached Creative Vision for possible collaboration on the V FX and Animation of this major project. Website: www.creative-vision.co.za


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