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Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa applies for business rescue

The Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa announced on Monday, 14 November 2016, that the organisation will voluntarily begin business rescue proceedings and be placed under supervision.

It took the decision at a meeting on 18 October. “The ASA board took this decision to allow time for the process of restructuring the organisation, while reviewing and rebuilding its funding model,’ it said.

The ASA is a self-regulatory independent body, established by the marketing, communications, and media industries. It is mandated to regulate against unfair and misleading advertising which could compromise consumers and impact unfairly on competitors.

“The ASA has been safeguarding consumers’ interests and protecting freedom of commercial speech since 1968. It continues to enforce, adopt, and uphold its Code of Advertising Practice in an impartial and objective manner,’ it said.

The business rescue practitioner will engage with the affected parties and will inform the process of restructuring the organisation.

Source: mybroadband

LG’s 4K OLED TV launches in South Africa

LG Electronics has introduced the new LG OLED TV 4K model range in South Africa.

The LG OLED TV 4K represents a giant leap forward in television technology, both in terms of design and performance.

For the first time ever, an ultra-thin OLED panel has been bonded onto a transparent glass plate, making the LG OLED TV 4K range of TVs thin and sleek.

Unlike traditional LED screens, the OLED panels emit their own light when an electric current is passed through, which means they don’t require an external light source for brightness.

In addition to the crystal clear picture, the LG OLED TV 4K offers:

• Superior sound quality
• Magic Remote
• Magic Zoom
• Magic Mobile Connection
• WebOS 3.0

The award-winning WebOS platform ensures longevity for the LG OLED TV 4K range, taking into account the surge of viewers adopting streaming services like Netflix as an alternative mode of television viewing.

“We’re extremely excited for the future of TVs and the pristine quality and imagery the LG OLED TV 4K technology provides,’ said Dean Daffue, Go-To-Market (GTM) Manager for LG Electronics South Africa.

“Our focus on incorporating the best in class technology alongside a viewing experience like no other is something we’ve been working on for years and we are blown away with the result, much like our customers are.’

Source: MyBroadband

New video streaming service launched in South Africa

MyBroadband reported that a new subscription video-on-demand service called JustFlicks has launched in South Africa, with its services priced at R1 per day.

MyBroadband said that according to WHOIS records, JustFlicks is operated by STS – a wireless application service provider (WASP). STS is the company that took over the Vidi website when Times Media Group shut down its streaming service.

To sign up for JustFlicks, you must provide your cellphone number and set up a password.
You will then have to go through your mobile operator’s double opt-in process for WASPs, and the R1 will be deducted from your cellular bill or airtime.

JustFlicks said the minimum connection speed needed to watch content on its service is 1Mbps, and the higher the speed the better the experience will be.
Over 1,000 hours of movies and series are currently available on its platform, said JustFlicks, promising it will add about 100 new titles every month.

Source: MyBroadband

Full HD broadcasts not in the plans for DStv

According to MyBroadband website, Lack of support from decoders meant that
MultiChoice has no immediate plans to broadcast in 1080p, also known as full HD.
MultiChoice said not all decoders are capable of 1080p, and therefore broadcasting
in 1080p would require it to duplicate content.

“We also see very little demand from mainstream customers currently (for 1080p),’
said MultiChoice.

Where online streaming services like Netflix offer video streaming in 1080p and 4K,
broadcasters typically only go up to 720p (HD). MultiChoice previously stated that
full HD broadcasts also require changes to broadcast infrastructure and utilise more
bandwidth than the current 1080i and 720p resolutions.

Source: MyBroadband.

Naspers to announce new local VOD competitor


Naspers, a South Africa based global internet and media group, is set to soon give
local audiences an alternative to US on-demand content streaming service provider Netflix,
which is currently accessed by a number of local viewers through Virtual Private
Networks (VPN). Television media brands owned by Naspers include MultiChoice,
SuperSport, DStv and MNet.

According to a report by MyBroadband, the
video-on-demand (VOD) service is due to launch in August 2015 and will extend to a
number of international territories in a bid to beat Netflix to the punch, following its
planned global expansion announcement earlier this year.

DStv Digital Media CEO John Kotsaftis will reportedly head the Naspers VOD project
from headquarters in Dubai.

Source: MyBroadband

New pay TV service applies for channels in South Africa

Walking on Water Television (WoWtv) has applied to the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) for 19 video channels and eight radio channels.

The application was lodged in terms of Regulation 3 of the Subscription Broadcasting Services Regulations 2006, said Icasa.

Interested parties have 14 working days to lodge written representations, counted from the date the notice was published in the Government Gazette – 22 June 2015.

Icasa explained that WoWtv will then be given 14 working days to respond to any submissions.

Source: mybroadband

Namibia has switched off analogue TV

On 1 February 2015, the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) announced that it has introduced its first phase of switching off analogue viewing and moving towards digital terrestrial viewing in central Namibia.

According to the My Broadband website, the NBC announced that it has, “successfully switched off analogue viewing on Saturday night in the central towns of Windhoek, Rehoboth and Okahandja.’

This was done in collaboration with the two existing free-to-air stations, One Africa Television and the religious channel TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network).

DTT Commercial Manager at NBC, Ockert Jansen, said: “Namibia is among the top four countries in the SADC region that have started with switching off analogue viewing.’

“The NBC’s population coverage with a digital TV signal stands at 66.6 percent percentage, just below the target of 67 percent by 17 June 2015,’ he added.

Namibia’s analogue viewers must buy Digital Terrestrial decoders — albeit at subsidised prices — in order to view seven television channels including NBC 1, 2 and 3, One Africa TV, TBN, EDU TV as well as the soon-to-be launched Namibian music channel, “This TV’ and 10 radio stations.

Source: My Broadband

R120m Sentech fraud exposed


At Parliament’s communications committee meeting with state-owned signal distribution company Sentech last week, Sentech chair Quraysh Patel said “fraudulent cases” amounting to R120-million had been uncovered at Sentech. This had also been reported to Communications Minister Simphiwe Nyanda. M&G/ MyBroadband

Sentech’s board was fired earlier this year after a task team appointed by Nyanda uncovered serious problems at the signal distributor. Nyanda appointed a new board in April, and Colin Hickling the board chairman was replaced by Patel.
According to Patel, one of the biggest cases of fraud, the “RentWorks debacle”, R35-million had been identified as irregular expenditure. A separate report had been drafted and reveals that Sentech signed a contract with IT finance company RentWorks Africa to lease technology.

The Sentech board was considering legal advice on whether to lay criminal charges against former board members over this contract.

Disciplinary action against former Sentech chief financial officer Mohammed Cassim has been initiated by the board.
Patel said Cassim was “clearly not a reliable person”. Cassim had failed to pay VAT; had paid invoices without contracts being in place; sent reports to the treasury without submitting them to the accounting authority for finalisation and was fined for not paying Independent Communications Authority of South Africa fees.

Source: M&G/ MyBroadband

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