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Ncam PressNcam Press (1)

Ncam offers a complete and customisable augmented reality platform that enables photorealistic virtual elements in real-time. At its core is a unique camera tracking solution that offers film & TV productions virtual and augmented graphic technology without limits. The device uses a lightweight sensor bar attached to a camera to track natural features in the environment, allowing the camera to move freely in all locations while generating a continuous stream of extremely precise positional and rotational information that can feed all industry standard graphics engines via Ncam's powerful and flexible Software Development Kit (SDK).

Carte Blanch PressCarte Blanch Press (1)

Carte Blanche covers a variety of subjects and prides itself on the diversity and depth of its stories. Stories range from investigations into abuse of the vulnerable, to the inspiring determination of South African sports personalities, both abled and disabled. Carte Blanche is also known to go undercover in tracking and arresting high profile criminals, or takes time out to explore the edges of existence.

MTN South Africa PressMTN South Africa Press (1)

We're committed to inspiring and enabling growth by leading the charge towards a bold, new digital world. Spearheading MTN South Africa, MTN International and Strategic Investments, the MTN Group has grown extensively since launching in 1994. We now operate in 22 countries across Africa and the Middle East.

Atlas Studios PressAtlas Studios Press (1)

Since Atlas Studios opened its doors in 2002, it has become an important hub for production houses and other independent media actors. This thriving production and events hub is centrally located in Milpark. It has a total covered area of 7,500m2, suitable for TV shoots and film shoots, production offices and anything from corporate events, conferences, lectures, film screenings and exhibitions to birthday functions and weekend-markets.

African Film Festival PressAfrican Film Festival Press (1)

African Film Festival, Inc. (AFF) is dedicated to advancing an enhanced understanding of African culture through the moving image. It offers diverse platforms for the wide distribution of African media through its flagship annual film festival and complementary year-round programming. AFF is committed to increasing visibility and recognition for African media artists by introducing African film and culture to a broad range of audiences in the United States and abroad, bypassing economic, class and racial barriers.

The Rogovy Foundation PressThe Rogovy Foundation Press (1)

The Rogovy Foundation invests in inspired people and nonprofit organizations that are working to help build a more enlightened and harmonious planet.

TV with ThinusTV with Thinus (1)

News about South African TV and the South African television industry.

The Lucky Specials PressThe Lucky Specials Press (1)

"The Lucky Specials" is a feature film about a guitarist & his friends on their journey to create a new music sound and catapult their band to the big stage.

Danmon Group PressDanmon Group Press (1)

We help our customers navigate in an industry impacted by unprecedented change in consumer behavior and media consumption. These new patterns of consumption, driven by the enormous amount of content and variety of platforms available for users and viewers, require an adaptability and readiness that is challenging the current technology and infrastructure of broadcast and media companies.