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    Digital Marketer

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    An opportunity exists for a digital marketer within our marketing department

    Job Functions

    Search Engine Optimisation – how to optimise your website to rank higher using on- page and off- page SEO techniques.
    Paid (PPC) – how to design search and display advertising on Google’s ad platform and how to optimise them for best results using web analytics.
    Social Media Marketing Management – how to advertise, write, manage and optimise social media marketing campaigns on different social media channels.
    Email Marketing – how to design an effective email, segment your audience base and optimise your email marketing for performance.
    Mobile Marketing – How to use your target market user behaviour to create mobile marketing advertising and marketing campaigns.
    Digital Marketing Strategy – how to build a holistic campaign bringing in all elements of digital marketing to work with your business objectives and strategy.
    Digital Copy Writing – how to write for your target audience on different mediums and channels for the web using best practice techniques.
    Content Marketing – how to design compelling, unique and shareable content for different kinds of target markets.
    Marketing Management – the fundamental concepts of marketing management and selling and how they tie in with digital marketing channels and technology-based thinking.

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