Danie Odendaal Productions

    Responsibilities (but not limited to):

    ·       Be adept in multi-cam (3 cameras) scripting of final drafts of 6 episodes in your block. Making use of all three cameras in succession and/or alternatively or in a logical mix to enable the recording of a scene all in one go.

    ·       Exact and explanatory shot description in camera language of all the multitude of shots per scene and edit points (for the vision mixer) indicated in thorough detail on your camera script prepared at home. No busking or shooting from the hip.

    ·       Be an individual in your own creativity with camera shots. Know the rules and how to break them. Adhere to the 7de Laan style sheet of a large variety of shots in your story telling. “Rush the actors in on a wide shot and then just tick tock with c/u’s and mcu’s in static positions” in scene after scene throughout your episode is not the 7de Laan style established by the Series Director.

    ·       Thorough prep at home in script analysis of any given scene for character subtext and playing between the lines.

    ·       Read all scripts of each scene of every episode. This entails reading all the episodes of the other Directors’ blocks as well and to read ahead up to where the writers are in issuing them. Reason being to pitch performances correctly and in continuity of emotional journeys. Adhere religiously to the written dialogue unless permission is granted by the Head writer to errata.

    ·       Work in cohesion with the Box Producer cum continuity director in the recording box, to assist, advise and give notes to you and the Floor Manager over and above your indispensable contribution.

    ·       Ensure proper continuity of scenes – “because we shoot 6 episodes out of sequence” and you have to prepare your next block at home, while the other directors then step in with their blocks before you are in studio again.

    ·       Conduct rehearsals with cast and crew

    ·       Set the mood for the day to create a congenial working vibe for crew and cast to operate in

    ·       Ensure that all requirements on the scene are provided by the relevant departments


    ·       Degree or Diploma Drama (Film/TV Production / Acting and Directing)

    ·       AA/EE Position

    ·       Coming with a lot of theatre directing and/or acting experience will be an advantage

    ·       Artistic directing skills (apart from the technical direction) i.e. actually doing well prepared detailed acting directing, is of the essence.

    ·       Knowledge of and working in Afrikaans.  Dialogue is by far mainly and predominantly in Afrikaans with a small percentage in Vernacular and English.

    ·       Pay precise attention to detail and have a methodical approach to work

    ·       Ability to prioritise with strong organisational skills and the ability to conceptualise ideas

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