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Lawo launches mc²56 production console

Lawo unveiled the third generation of the mc²56 at NAB 2018

A Second Chance to Get it Right: A look inside Automated Dialogue Replacement

Automated Dialogue Replacement is the process of re-recording dialogue after filming has been wrapped

Audio over IP, re-thinking audio delivery

Since the early 1980s, complex audio signal routing has most often been done with the help of TDM

Lawo takes star role in Indian Premier League broadcast

Lawo’s earlier IPL involvement includes the first broadcast of the IPL in 5.1 surround in 2015, using Lawo mc²56 digital broadcast consoles with HD Cores

Mediatech Africa – an event that brings creative thought to life

“To miss the show is to be left behind. Without innovation it’s impossible to remain competitive.” – Simon Robinson Few would argue that the tech...

Uganda’s NBS Radio 89.4FM producing with Lawo crystal

Lawo has reported the first installation of an IP audio console in Uganda at KODHEYO TV and NBS Radio 89.4FM

Jünger Audio launches a groundbreaking audio processing platform at NAB 2018

The new AIXpressor platform takes flexibility and audio quality to an entirely new dimension

Sony affirms their commitment to the South African market

In January 2015, the Sony Corporation announced that they would be closing down their local South Africa offices, opting for a distributor-based business model...

Location Sound

“The more things change the more they stay the same.” This could be a motto for the audio engineering profession because while the technology, location...

Lawo and NEP Sweden join the stars for TV4’s new music show

NEP Sweden provided three of their Stockholm studios for the new Stjärnornas Stjärna live music show of Sweden’s TV4
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