The future of marketing is data-driven, creative, and people-based

Digital advertising is set to become more personal, with data companies set on allowing them to target highly relevant messages at an individual level


Working professionally behind the camera since the age of 16 means that 26-year-old Dan Mace has over 100 music videos, documentaries and short films...

All content strat needs to include short form video

Short form digital video has now become the primary source of news for younger audiences

Hassle free music solution for advertising agencies

We all know the stresses involved in getting the perfect song to add that extra special effect when creating an unforgettable advert. Why settle...

“Big Ideas”

Is it big productions that bring small ideas? Or is it small productions that bring big ideas. The concept of the big productions creating...

Ogilvy opens Nigeria office in the run up to its 70th anniversary

Ogilvy Africa has announced the opening of its new office in Lagos, Nigeria

The road to inner peace runs from Cairo to Jozi release of the movie,...

With the business of everyday life, we all need some timeout to reconnect with our inner peace. While others can afford a little getaway...

From the producer’s mouth: Adam Thal

Executive producer Adam Thal says he knew he wanted to be in the business of filmmaking at the age of six. Since then Thal...

SA industry bodies draft Advertising Code of Practice for Social Media

The IAB SA, the ASA and industry bodies are drafting an Advertising Code of Practice Social Media guidelines

The Loeries opens 2018 entries with bold new look 

The 2018 Loeries are opening with a bold new look to celebrate 40 years of rewarding creativity
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