No filming in CT on 16 December

As per the Special Meeting:2006/7 City of Cape Town Festive Season Readiness Programme hosted by Mr.Greg Pillay Head:Distaster Management....

Mave Binchy’s “Anner House’ shoots in Cape Town

Best selling novelist, Maeve Binchy’s novel "Anner House’ has been adapted to a television movie for RTE and filming has now commenced in Cape Town, the setting of the novel.

Open Season at SA box office

Boog & Elliot, from Sony Pictures Animation's first animated feature film Open Season have come out number one at the SA box office the weekend of 25/ 26 November

Forgiveness gains new audiences

Positive word of mouth from Festivals and audiences has served to provide Forgiveness with unexpected audiences.

NFVF Short Film Contests extended

Over three months ago, the NFVF announced two innovative short film contests in a bid to provide a voice for women filmmakers and black filmmakers using indigenous languages

Borat gets nominated

In a truly ironic twist, Sacha Baron Cohen, the British comedian whose alter egos Borat and Ali G have alternately amused and offended audiences all over the world, has been nominated for a national award in Kazakhstan for his latest film, "Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan".

Cape Town a-buzz with top movie offering

One of the things the Cape Town World Cinema Festival and the Sithengi Film and Television Market - collectively Sithengi for short - does is to give a presence to movies. You can meet the people who make them, act in them.

SA student documentary to screen in Rome

Voices of the Drylands. a 27-minute documentary written, directed and edited by Liesl-Dana van Schalkwyk from North-West University in Potchefstroom will showcase South Africa’s campaign to fight desertification in Rome’s La Casa del Cinema on 3 December 2006.

Robert Altman dies

Robert Altman passed away on Monday night at his home in Hollywood. He was 81 years of age. Altman who produced or directed over 50 films battled with cancer for the past year. He will be best remembered for movies such as "Popeye', "Short cuts" and "Mash" amongst many other.

South African Cinema Goes Digital

A new cinema era will be ushered in on Friday 1 December 2006 when Ster-Kinekor unveils the country's, and the continent's, first Hollywood studio endorsed digital cinema projector.
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