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kykNET Premium is ’n topgehalte-televisiekanaal wat kykers boei met inspirerende stories en skitterende vermaak in elke genre.

KykNET announces nominations for Fiestas

Nominations were announced recently for the kykNET Fiestas, a ceremony awarding the most talented up-and-coming and established Afrikaans artists.

The nominations for the 2012 Fiestas were selected from productions that debuted at Afrikaans arts festivals countrywide during 2011. Winners from 16 categories as well as three Lifetime Achievement Awards will be announced during an extravagant production at the Artscape Theatre in Cape Town on 23 February 2012. The Fiestas will see category winners sharing the stage with some of the country’s most talented artists and musicians.

Karen Meiring, channel head for kykNET, explains that the Fiestas focus on festival productions as these events have established themselves “as the home of the Afrikaans theatre and entertainment industries.’

They represent a gathering and celebration of the Afrikaans culture and the Fiestas are an opportunity to recognise the artists and productions participating in these festivals,’ explains Meiring. “The different arts festivals may submit nominations for the various categories for productions that debuted at their events in 2011. And this year, the nominations are once again of outstanding quality!’

The nominations are in turn presented to an independent panel of judges who attended all the festivals and saw the productions. The panel then decides by vote who the final five nominations for a category will be, as well as the final winner.

The public also has the opportunity to vote for two of the categories in order to determine the winners of the Most Popular Fiesta Presenter and the Most Popular Festival. The winners of these two categories will be determined by SMS voting and the public has until 31 January 2012 to vote for their favourites.

Nominations for the Most Popular Fiesta Presenter are Andries Vermeulen, Bobby van Jaarsveld, Erik de Milander, Wicus van der Merwe and Willem Botha. The nominations for the Most Popular Festival are Aardklop, Innibos, KKNK, Huisgenoot Skouspel and Woordfees.

A special broadcast of the Fiestas awards show will air on 1 March 2012 at 7:30pm on kykNET channel 111 on DSTV.

To see the nominations, visit http://kyknet.dstv.com/2012/01/17/kyknet-fiestas-nominasies-bekendgestel/

A Sony first for SA TV drama

A new Afrikaans series for kykNET is bound to cause conversation with its controversial
subject matter, and is already a talking point as the first television drama in South Africa
to be shot on the Sony F3.

Hartland, a sequel to the successful Kruispad, is produced and written by playwright
Deon Opperman, and inspired by elements from three of his Hertzog prize winning
plays: Kaburo, Stille Nag and Boesman, My Seun. According to Opperman, certain plot
lines, elements and characters were used from each of these plays.

The series, produced by Bottom Line Entertainment, explores the identity crises of
contemporary Afrikaners in Johannesburg around the themes of politics, economics and
the spiritual. The story is told by an ensemble of seasoned Afrikaans actors and
actresses including Marius Weyers, Sandra Prinsloo and Brumilda van Rensburg, and
directed by Gerrit Schoonhoven.

Among the sensitive issues explored in the 13-part series are the lingering effects of the
border war on the soldiers who were involved, far right white groups plotting to
overthrow the government and immigration: the question of whether there is a future
for Afrikaners in South Africa.

According to Opperman, he followed a very straight and hard-core approach to these
thorny issues. “KykNET didn’t censor me at all, these are the things that are happening
and they’re the issues that people are talking about,’ says Opperman.

Asked about the message the series will send out, Opperman says that it is not a moral
lesson. However, specifically with regard to far right groups, he says the series does
show that the consequence of getting involved in any kind of violence is inevitably more
violence and death — whether you’re black or white.

“I think it’s going to be controversial; it’s going to cause a huge amount of
conversation. It’s when you bring audiences hard core truth that they will be glued to
their seats,’ says Opperman.

KykNET learnt this from the “fantastic reaction’ they received to Kruispad, one of the
most successful dramas in their history.

Hartland and Kruispad form part of a trilogy and Donkerland is in the pipeline as the
“prequel’ and third instalment. “It’s about being Afrikaans and white in South Africa,’
says Opperman, “these are my people; I want to investigate their lives.’

Camera talk

Director of photography (DOP) Jon Kovel says he is extremely pleased with the results
of shooting on the Sony F3: “It’s a huge step forward in my opinion.’

Given the budget they leant towards using a Canon 5D, on which Kovel had worked on
a number of productions in 2010. “Although it gives great results there are a lot of
drawbacks, the 5D is simply not designed to shoot a television series,’ says Kovel.
A week before the shoot was due to start Henk Germishuizen called from Puma Video in
Randburg, informing them that the F3 had just landed and would be available for their
shoot. According to Kovel he jumped at the opportunity to be the first TV drama
production to try the camera. “It was just a stroke of luck really,’ he adds.

The F3 is Sony’s answer to high end digital cameras like the Red and the Arri Alexa, but
Kovel says many local productions can’t afford these. “What the market needed was a
full-frame Super-35mm sensor camera with a PL lens mount, a price tag suited to local
productions and a post-friendly codec. Essentially an EX-3 on steroids; the F3 fits the
bill like a Lycra suit on a racing cyclist.’

Kovel says the F3 features the same menu as the Sony PMW-EX3 with the same user-
friendly design, but as a drawback: it also features the same viewfinder and LCD:
“Neither of which is great for judging exposure, although the red peaking function is
great for judging focus.’

All in all Kovel is pleased with the result: “While capitalising on the excellent quality and
post-friendly nature of the EX-3 codec, the full frame sensor marries 35mm lensing to a
sharp, crisp, beautiful image and has a compression ratio that holds up down the line.’

Investing in local content

The series was shot on locations around Johannesburg including Northcliff, Houghton
Estate, Kyalami, the Constitutional Court parking garage and the Krugersdorp game
reserve, and is currently in the hands of editors CA van Aswegen and Quinn Lubbe of
FiX Post Production.

According to kykNET GM Karen Meiring, it is an important priority for kykNET to continue
investing in local programming. The channel’s viewership has grown by about 30% in
the past year, which Meiring ascribes to the fact that South Africans love local content.
This is further illustrated by a 20% non-Afrikaans kykNET viewership.  “There’s generally a better awareness of the channel and there’s a real need for good local programming,’ says Meiring.

Hartland will start on kykNET on 19 July in the 8pm slot.

KykNET’s new ventures

Afrikaans-language pay-TV channel kykNET plans to keep spreading its wings beyond
television by funding more films for the big screen, following the success of last year’s
theatrical release, Die Ongelooflike Avonture van Hanna Hoekom. The next feature
project on the cards is Lien se Lankstaanskoene.

Written by Derek van der Walt, Lien se Lankstaanskoene tells the story of a poor girl
from the platteland who goes to Pretoria where she develops into a beautiful, successful
woman. Casting for the production is underway.

Says kykNET GM Karen Meiring: “Our focus for the near future will be on screen
adaptations of school set-works. We will choose books that are most suitable for filming
and which can be produced within a viable budget. The themes of books are an
important selection criteria.’

At this stage kykNET will limit feature film productions to two a year.

Meiring notes that kykNET was also involved in the funding of the feature film spin-off of
its popular series, Getroud met Rugby. Season 4 of the series will be produced in 2012.

Although television is kykNET’s core business Meiring says that the channel is about to
venture into a new field. “We are planning an Afrikaans film festival in conjunction with
Nu Metro Films, to be held at 10 Nu Metro theatres countrywide. This has never been
done before. Several films from Afrikaans masters will be screened and we are hoping to
get some of the stars of the films to attend the screenings as well.’
The festival is to be held from 4 to 11 August.

In the meantime, film critic Leon van Nierop is working on a kykNET series on the history
of the Afrikaans film industry, Daar doer in die Fliek. It is scheduled to go on air in July
this year. – Jakkie Groenewald

KykNET growth boosts Afrikaans advertising

Afrikaans pay-TV channel kykNET, part of the DStv bouquet, has shown growth in viewership of 30 to 40% over the past year. According to a statement by Pendoring, the Afrikaans advertising awards, this has made it an attractive advertising medium.

Franette Klerck, GM of Pendoring, says kykNET’s success is clear evidence of the growth and impact of Afrikaans. “This alone should encourage marketers to actively and enthusiastically tap into the potential of Afrikaans advertising,’ she says.

Karen Meiring, head of Afrikaans channels at M-Net, adds that “with growth figures like that, it’s a no-brainer that marketers need to advertise on kykNET in Afrikaans if they want to optimise their advertising spend. Clearly, kykNET has a huge and affluent market, and if you want to reach Afrikaans-speakers’ hearts, minds and wallets, Afrikaans is definitely the language.’

Meiring says it’s hard to single out the best performing programmes on kykNET’s line-up, since each programme has its own loyal band of followers, across language and cultural divides.

“Traditionally, drama and comedy perform very well but these days the reality genre, which we create internally instead of buying programmes from abroad, is a big hit with advertisers and viewers alike.’

KykNET kicks off a number of new programmes in April, including Fortuinsoekers with Scott Scott as presenter, and two new drama series, Vallei van die Sluiers and Hartland (the sequel to Kruispad). “The cast is truly amazing with the likes of Sandra Prinsloo and Marius Weyers, who, for the first time in years, will feature together again.’

Meiring believes the addition of kykNET’s own dedicated news programme has also had a huge impact on the channel’s dynamics. “This means that we had to make big changes, for example, moving Villa Rosa traditionally featured in the 5.30pm  slot, to 6pm. We therefore create a “soap’ slot from 6pm to 7pm, which is the global norm. As a result we now also have much longer prime time, making it even more attractive for advertisers. Moreover, with a big and loyal Afrikaans viewership, it makes sense to speak to them in their home language,’ says Meiring.

Since the closure of the Kudu Club, a service which brought kykNET programmes to viewers in foreign countries, a substitute service, S-VOD (Subscription Video On Demand), is being investigated. “So far the reaction of viewers to the closure of Kudu Club, particularly in countries like Canada, England, Australia and New Zealand, has been overwhelming,’ Meiring notes.

The Afrikaans arts festivals like Aardklop and the KKNK also remain important feeder sources for kykNET, hence its continued involvement with the festivals. According to Meiring, the channel benefits greatly from its presence at the arts festivals. “As many kykNET viewers attend the festivals, we can gauge their likes and dislikes, so the channel’s presence there is at the utmost importance.’

KykNET has also increasingly become involved in Afrikaans films. Last year the production of Die Ongelooflike Avonture van Hanna Hoekom created much interest, followed this year by Getroud met Rugby.

“Next year the plan is to be part of two films: one which we will produce ourselves and the other in partnership with another company. Also on the agenda is an Afrikaans film festival that will showcase in all the major centres in partnership with Nu Metro in August.’

Meiring is extremely excited about the popular Afrikaans music channel, MK. “It’s just the most wonderful channel ever. It’s a looker, it’s cool and the people working there are ever so creative: I’m very proud of MK. The channel talks to a very specific market and we know that it’s the channel of choice at universities. Many companies are very keen to reach this young and dynamic market, but simply do not know how to do it successfully: for them MK is the ideal vehicle.”

One of the most successful MK projects this past year was the MK Awards which attracted votes from across the country. This year saw the introduction of the Fiesta Awards to acknowledge achievers in the entertainment industry, also with hugely positive reaction.

“All these developments predict one of the most exciting years for kykNET and MK ever,’ says Meiring.

kykNET is 10!

Afrikaans pay-TV channel kykNET celebrated its first decade of existence on 15 November. As part of the celebrations, kykNET launched new shows, special programming and a new on-air look. Additionally, the channel is rebroadcasting some of its early hit programmes every Sunday.

Included in kykNET’s special programming is a documentary tracking its history as the first-ever Afrikaans pay-TV channel in South Africa

“kykNET continues to hold its No.1 ranking against the DStv Afrikaans market on pay-TV,’ said Oracle Airtime Sales’ account manager for kykNET, Fanie Terblanche. “Ratings against DStv Afrikaans Adults have increased by 62 percent since 2003, while Afrikaans subscribers have increased significantly from 793,000 in 2003 to 1,703,000 this year.’

Eighty-eight percent of its Afrikaans subscribers are in the A-income group, while 80% percent are in the Super A income group. Some of the big advertisers on the channel include Unilever, Ford, Toyota, L’Oreal, the Tiger Group, MTN, Vodacom, Cell C and General Motors.

New content this month kicks off with the agricultural show Landbousake on 3 November. Kyk hoe lyk ons nou launches on 22 November, which takes an in-depth look at the Afrikaans community and is presented by well-known singer, Chris Chameleon. And on 28 November, South African musical talent is showcased in Reik na die Sterre.

kykNET Reality programme brief

A commission brief for a games series for adults has been issued by kykNET.  Please see information that follows:

GENRE Realiteitsprogram
TAAL Afrikaans
TYDSDUUR 47 minute
BEGROTING R10,000.00 per minuut
R470,000.00 per program

TOTAAL R6,110,000.00

AR Teiken 15

kykNET wil ’n nuwe reeks realiteitsprogramme in Afrikaans vervaardig  wat op ‘n oorspronklike, nuwe plaaslike konsep geskoei is.
Dit beteken egter nie dat ons nie ook na  internasionale konsepte  sal kyk nie.

Om vervaardigers se denke te rig:

Die program moet vol spanning, verrassings en drama wees. Realiteit op sy beste!

Daar is geen spesiale riglyne  nie.  Krap daai grysselle stukkend en dink aan iets wat ons asems gaan wegblaas en kykers vasgenael voor die TV sal hou.

Die tegniese versorging van die program moet puik wees en niks van die realiteit mag  weggesteek word vir die kykers nie.

Die aanbieder moet in sy/haar dertigs wees, op sy/haar voete kan dink met “n moderne, selfversekerde aanslag.


Gemik op’n gesinsgehoor wat hou van vermaak

      • “n Gedetailleerde uiteensetting van die kreatiewe benadering asook die konsep vir die program.
      • “n Grafiese voorstelling van die stel
      • Volledige CV’s van die sleutelpersoneel wat vir die produksie van die program verantwoordelik sal wees bv Regisseur; Vervaardiger; Skrywer; Produksiebestuurder en Produksierekenmeester. Dui aan of die personeel permanente werknemers of kontrakpersoneel is.

    • Adres van geregistreerde produksiekantoor
    • Volledige besonderhede oor die ateljee- en naproduksiefasiliteite wat vir die produksie gebruik gaan word
    • “n Voorlopige produksieskedule (Dag/week 1 tot dag/week z)
    • Besonderhede oor beoogde produksieversekering
    • Besonderhede oor subkontrakteurs wat by die produksie betrek gaan word

  • Maatskappyregistrasienommer; BTW registrasiesertifikaat;
  • Inkomstebelastingnommer & kopie van registrasiesertifikaat
  • Name van die direkteure of lede of vennote van “n Maatskappy, Beslote Korporasie of Vennootskap
  • Kort opsomming van produksies wat tydens die laatse 5 jaar vervaardig is
  • Verwysings (verskaf minstens 2)
  • Bankbesonderhede
  • Ouditeure
  • Uiteensetting van Bemagtigings- en/of Regstellende Aksie beleid
  • Huidige BEE status
SLUITINGSDATUM Vrydag 8 Oktober 2009  om 12:00
BEKENDMAKINGSDATUM Dinsdag 3 November 2009




Die Toesigvervaardiger: Vermaaklikheidsprogramme (kykNET)

Annetjie du Toit
Posbus 2963



Magic Sentrum Ontvangs
Bram Fischerrylaan 137

NAVRAE (011)  686 6141

(indien nie beskikbaar los asb boodskap op antwoordmasjien)

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