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Talent-ETC adds new divisions to become one-stop shop


Talent-ETC Artist Management is one of the country’s leading artist management agencies, providing a unique and professional management service to a large number of South African performing artists with placements in international and local film, television and theatre productions as well as a number of other opportunities that fulfill their skill sets (commercials, voice-overs, etc).

Now the Talent-ETC team of Precious Magoswana, Eben Brink and Shalock Rass – led by MD by Rojean Serek – has extended its offering with the recent development of Crew-ETC, a division where technical crew and other creatives have the opportunity to be represented by the ETC brand.

Headed up by Frankie Opperman, Crew-ETC has on its books a number of specialists in their various fields, including camera operators, directors, makeup and wardrobe professionals, sound operators and production and post-production experts.

Says Serek: “I realised it was time technical and creative crew members were given the same opportunities that Talent-ETC gives our performers, by finding the right opportunities and platforms and connecting their talent to the industry.

“Frankie was just the person with the needed and necessary skill set to take on this task and head up the division.”

Adds Opperman: “Producers and broadcasters can now, not only find the talent that they are looking for in front of the camera, but also get those creatives working behind the scenes to make it all happen, at Talent-ETC.”

One of the standout features of Crew-ETC is that it will also feature new categories of crew members including an intimacy coordinator, which is a recent requirement implemented on film and television sets that feature any sort of intimate content.

Along with Crew-ETC, Talent-ETC is also building the brand by joining up with production company, Life in a Bulb Productions, and creating a third leg of the ETC brand, namely Life-ETC.

This partnership was developed when owner and CEO, Jennis Williamson saw an opportunity to streamline the company’s services further, via the means of connecting Talent-ETC artists and Crew-ETC members to a team of producers who have the willingness and the wherewithal to spend time and effort developing fresh talent and new concepts. And so Life-ETC – headed up by JC Snooke – was born.

Concludes Serek: “Talent-ETC, together with Crew-ETC and Life-ETC, is evolving the ETC-brand into a truly unique one-stop shop for the world of TV, film and online content.”

For more on Talent-ETC and Crew-ETC visit https://talent-etc.co.za

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