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Carte Blanche covers a variety of subjects and prides itself on the diversity and depth of its stories. Stories range from investigations into abuse of the vulnerable, to the inspiring determination of South African sports personalities, both abled and disabled. Carte Blanche is also known to go undercover in tracking and arresting high profile criminals, or takes time out to explore the edges of existence.

‘Carte Blanche’ wins at the Genesis Awards in Hollywood

Carte BlancheCarte Blanche was entered in the Brigitte Bardot International Award category where it won the award for Best International News Magazine for their multiple segments.

Carte Blanche’s multiple segments were:

– Wild Animals as Pets, part 1 and part 2 (Producer: Sasha Schwendenwein)
– Driven Hunt, part 1 and part 2 (Producer: Kate Barry)
– Canned Lion (Producer: Bernadette Maguire)
– North West Rare Game Empowerment (Producer: Bernadette Maguire)
– Faroe Islands Whale Slaughter (Producer: Michael Duffett)
– Tiger Bones (Producers: Phillip Hattingh and Karl Amman)

Carte Blanche won against the likes of National Geographic, Discovery Channels, and many others. “We are absolutely thrilled to have won this award as it represents a win in some pretty illustrious company,’ said Carte Blanche executive producer George Mazarakis. “Perhaps more importantly, it sends a signal that we South Africans care for animals and take a stand against cruelty and abuse, no matter where it occurs. That this is recognised on an international platform is in itself most gratifying.’

For more info visit the Carte Blanche website.

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