The Recce scoops Camerimage nomination


The film The Recce and its cinematographer, Jacques van Tonder, have been nominated and will be running in competition in the Cinematographer’s Debuts category at the 26th edition of the international film festival of the art of cinematography, Camerimage, from 10 to 17 November 2018, in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

The Camerimage festival is dedicated to the art of cinematography. It creates and contributes to the growth of cinematographers’ prestige. It awards films according to their visual, aesthetic and technical values.

The Recce was selected out of 200 entries worldwide and is running alongside 7 other films in this section. Last year, it attracted 72 000 attendees, featuring 610 cinematographers from 45 countries. It is said that Camerimage has become a trendsetter for the Academy Awards.

The Cinematographers’ Debuts Competition was initiated in 2010 due to the Festival’s increasing openness to the noteworthy artists and the new film phenomena they create. The Cinematographers’ Debuts Competition also brings new discoveries: great movies of high artistic value and great filmmakers whose new ventures will surprise not only the Jury members but all audiences around the world as well.

The Recce tells the story of how the South African Defence Force wrongfully declared young recce Henk Viljoen dead behind enemy lines and how it’s up to him alone to use everything he’s learnt to make it back to his family. Add to this the fact that the enemy is hot on his trail, it’s clear that this is no ordinary story of survival across the treacherous war torn African landscape. This is also one of the first films in decades to explore issues regarding not only the Border War, but also the pain and suffering families had to endure during and after the conflict that lasted almost 20 years.

Written and directed by Johannes Ferdinand van Zyl, The Recce script came out of his personal connection to the story, “Having grown up with family members that were sent to the border war, I have a fascination with that era in our history.”

“I am thrilled with the nomination” said Jacques Van Tonder, “It’s a proud moment for South African cinema” he concluded.

The film was produced by Jac Williams through Cape Town based production company Man Makes a Picture, and is the first in a slate of independent features from the company. The Recce is distributed by Gravel Road Distribution in a multi-territory deal.


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