Ladima Foundation hosts Women Achieving Influence panel discussion at DISCOP Zanzibar


Established as a mechanism to support worthy women filmmakers from across Africa in order to contribute to correcting the major imbalances within the industry; the Ladima Foundation, in partnership with ZIFF, DISCOP Zanzibar will present the ‘Achieving Influence: Women and Film in Africa’ event.

The Ladima Foundation will host a panel discussion with the aim of initiating a dialogue and developing tangible ways forward for women within the film and media industries in Africa. The event will take place on Thursday, 12 July at 14h00 at the DISCOP Zanzibar in Hotel Verde.

The discussions will include women from a diversity of backgrounds whose success and influence can be part of collectively building and strengthening the space that women occupy in the industries The essence of this panel is to develop a framework on how women in African Film can achieve influence through improving individual and collective competence and quality of output in the different fields of filmmaking and related areas.

Moderator: Edima Otuokon: Nigeria: co-founder of Ladima Foundation: Otuokon is an entrepreneur and civil society activist with years of experience in media, marketing, events, policy and advocacy.

Bikiya Graham-Douglas: Nigeria: Bikiya Graham-Douglas is an actress, singer, entrepreneur and the founder of Beeta Universal Arts Foundation (BUAF).  She has been passionate about the creative sector from childhood and has starred in a number of soap operas, movies and stage productions.

Biola Alabi: Nigeria: Alabi is an African media expert with over 25 years of local and global media experience, she is currently the CEO at Biola Alabi Media

Theresa Hill: South Africa: general manager at STEPS as well as acquisition manager of AfriDocs: As general manager of STEPS she has managed the ‘Steps for the Future’, ‘Why Democracy?’ and ‘Why Poverty?’ projects over the last 18 years. Her work with AfriDocs includes acquisitions, programming, marketing and planning. Hill is also the acquisitions manager of AfriDocs, Africa’s only free streaming platform for documentary films.

Dr. Mzuri Issa Ali: Zanzibar: director of TAMWA after a Bachelors’ Degree in Mass Communication from Saint Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT), Ali completed her auditing course, Masters and PhD in Political Science and International Relations at the University of Dar Es Salaam (UDSM). Her career is all about promoting rights of marginalised groups especially women through the use of media and other effective channels of communication.

Giselle Portenier: Canada: Portenier is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker, who has consistently focused on human rights, especially the human rights of women and children.

Her work has been instrumental in changing minds, changing lives, and changing laws.

Farida Nyamachumbe: Zanzibar: Nyamachumbe is a well known and respected filmmaker with many years in the industry.

These projects reflect the core mission of the Ladima Foundation and its stated key interventions, which include: professional training, educational support, recognition, and networking and community.

For more information visit the Ladima, ZIFF and DISCOP websites.


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