Encounters UCT Impact Bootcamp

The Encounters UCT Impact Bootcamp supported by Bertha Foundation offers you the opportunity to maximise the potential of your project by participating in a hands-on workshop on documentary film impact. The purpose of the workshop is to give you the tools to develop a concrete impact plan tailored to your individual film project.

On day one a morning of topic-specific workshops presented by experts will be followed by an afternoon of real world case studies where filmmakers, activists and distributors share their success and challenges. The morning of day two will see participants meeting with mentors who have worked successfully in the field of impact producing to refine their impact strategies.

You can participate with a finished film, a project in development or without a project if you would like to pursue a career as impact producer working on others’ films.

Facilitators include Anita Kanna, Nisha Naidoo and Liani Maasdorp. Case studies include Miners Shot Down, Strike a Rock, STEPS (Afridocs, Why Democracy? and Steps for the Future), Sunshine Cinema mobile cinema.

Participants will be selected from across South Africa. Only ten seats are available. The bootcamp is fully funded (including direct flights from major cities, accommodation, meals and airport transfers in Cape Town).


UCT Television Studio

Saturday, 2 June 9h00 – 17h00

Sunday, 3 June 9h00 – 12h00


You can participate with a finished film, a film in production or as an aspiring impact producer without a project.


If you have a film in production or have finished a film but still need to design an impact strategy, please send an email with subject Impact Bootcamp FILM + Your film’s title to uctdocimpact@gmail.com by 9h00 14 May 2018.

In the body of the email or attached (.doc / pdf) you must include the following information:

1. Project information

1.1  Title

1.2  Duration

1.3  Synopsis (max 200 words)

1.4  What kind of change/impact would you like to create with this film?

2. Biographical and company information

2.1  Name and Surname of the participant

2.2  Your role on the project

2.3  Production company name and website (if available)

2.4  Province and closest airport

2.5  Contact number

2.6  Email address

3. Link to a production trailer if available (or a sample of the film, max 10 min)

4. Current phase of production

5. Motivation: Explain how you and your project will benefit from participation


If you are currently an activist, an impact producer or are interested in impact producing as a career option, a film student, please send an email with subject Impact Bootcamp NO FILM + YOUR NAME AND SURNAME to: uctdocimpact@gmail.com by 09h00 on 14 May 2018.

In the email you must include the following information:

1. Biographical and company information

1.1  Name and Surname

1.2  Job title

1.3  Production company and website (if available)

1.4  Province

1.5  Contact number

1.6  Email Address

2. Background

2.1  Experience (particularly in film production, activism, project management or any other relevant fields)

2.2  Qualifications/courses/training (particularly in film studies, activism, project management or any other relevant fields)

2.3  Are you currently an activist? In what area/issue?

2.4  Are you currently an impact producer?

2.5  Are you interested in impact producing as a career, but haven’t worked as one yet?

3. Motivation:  How will you benefit from attending the Impact bootcamp and how do you intend to use the skills you learn?


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