Steve Alves leaves Concilium


Steve Alves, managing director of Concilium Technologies (Pty) Ltd, is officially leaving the company and retiring at the end of April 2018. “I am moving to the next exciting chapter of my life after retiring at the end of April. In fact, the ‘cloud’ and the ever accelerating technology advances in broadcast were one of the factors that helped me decide, sometime in 2015, that the time was right to initiate the handover of the reigns to the ‘younger’ generation. The journey has been fascinating,” comments Alves.

In 1995 while still with HP, Alves was part of the team that supplied and installed the first true broadcast video servers in South Africa: “that was the start of the move to file based broadcast,” he informs.

“These servers were developed by one of the HP Test & Measurement divisions and introduced us to the world of broadcasting. When Concilium was born in 1999 – out of a spin-off of the HP Test & Measurement business – we continued to support the broadcast customers through a combination of partnering with leading broadcast technology companies and investment in developing local skills to provide true committed local support,” Alves continues.

Since Concilium’s inception, the team has grown significantly with Alves at the helm. “Leading such a strong and committed team has been an entire pleasure and privilege,” he says. “With the continued emphasis on investment to ensure we stay ahead of the technology curve, I have great satisfaction and peace of mind that Concilium will continue its journey for many years to come. For me, after more than 40 years tracking primarily hardware technology, the transition to more IT based virtual infrastructures was the signal that the only clouds I should now be concerned with will be the ones I can find in the beautiful mountain passes in this wonderful country!”


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