Imagine Communications introduces the xG Scorecard at NAB Show


Imagine Communications introduced xG Scorecard, a powerful analytics and business intelligence tool designed specifically for the media industry, at the 2018 NAB Show in Las Vegas. xG Scorecard provides media professionals with a comprehensive, holistic and highly visualised view of performance and audience data, empowering them to make smarter advertising sales and programming decisions.

The expansion of content distribution options has made it difficult for media companies to easily and accurately track consumption and demographic data, inhibiting their ability to maximise advertising revenue. xG Scorecard is a powerful analytics tool designed to enable media companies to concentrate all data relevant to optimising their business into a single view that can be customised to meet the needs of specific users and decision makers.

“The at-a-glance intelligence behind xG Scorecard greatly improves the ability of media professionals to draw real-time insights by allowing them to view all of the information that impacts their business at the same time,” said Sarah Foss, chief product officer of Imagine’s Advertising Management Systems. “Visualising all data in a single view and integrated field, as opposed to discrete and static sources, like spreadsheets, simplifies and greatly enhances the process of discovering trends and spotting correlations vital to growing your business.”

The multi-source capabilities of xG Scorecard make it possible to blend data from traditional sales and traffic systems, operational databases, ratings, clickstream and even social networks to build a holistic view of audiences with real-time insights. By bringing together data that is normally stored in silos, xG Scorecard offers a unique, powerful and highly visual way of evaluating and fine-tuning the performance of businesses.

xG Scorecard is so named for its ability to provide an interactive display that brings together information from across the business and enables ad-supported media companies to explore, interpret, customise and organise data.  This all-new capability makes dissecting data easier than ever. The xG Scorecard visual filters allow anyone to navigate their data and collaboration tools that enable discussion and collective analysis.

As opposed to generic business intelligence tools, xG Scorecard has been customised and optimised for the media industry. Both powerful and easy-to-navigate, the new analytics engine enables media professionals to quickly pull together comprehensive reports that can be customised for executives or other decision makers in a matter of minutes, rather than hours. Reports can also be easily exported to pdf.

“Media companies are unable to capture the real value of their ad inventory without precise knowledge of how their spots drive sales for advertisers,” added Foss. “xG Scorecard is a first-of-its-kind reporting tool that delivers that capability and makes sales attribution table stakes for all your campaigns.”

Imagine Communication’s xG platform is a modular, next-generation advertising management solution that is designed to enable broadcasters and other media companies to maximise the value of commercial airtime and optimise the efficiency of their business to sell either by traditional unit-based models or impression-based models that can be effective across all delivery platforms, including linear, non-linear, on-demand and mobile. In addition to analytics and reporting, Imagine’s open, cloud-capable software platform provides a broad set of functionalities, including inventory and yield optimisation, inventory management and back-end business processing. The xG platform is designed to work across all types of media advertising and distribution.



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