SACIA presents training programmes for the broadcast and AV industry


Following the Southern African Communications Industry Association’s (SACIA) training activity in February, SACIA will be presenting another series of training programmes that will take place during March and April.

For people who are involved in the audio-visual and live events industry, the programme starts with the Essentials of AV Technology course. Based on the AVIXA curriculum, the course explores the science and technology behind audio and video technology used in both the fixed-install and live-event markets. The course takes place in Johannesburg from 7 to 9 March. For more information, download the course content here.

For those who are active in the broadcast industry, there will be a reappearance of a number of courses that were delivered last month. The popular Broadcast & Media Workflows course will be running in Johannesburg on 8 to 9 March, 14 to 15 March and 19 to 20 March, offering interested attendees three date options to suit their schedule. This two‐day course gives an understanding of workflows and integration and considers the changes in the market from the convergence of today to the challenges of tomorrow. It highlights that broadcasters and service providers need different types of products and services than in the past, and explains what impact the need for automation will have on understanding customers’ requirements. For more information, download the course content here.

Broadcast Formats & Compression is another course for broadcast industry professionals. This two-day course examines how we pass video and audio through the broadcast system and looks at the techniques we use to make this possible. It looks at files and codecs in detail. This involves learning about compression techniques, looking at wrappers and how they are used to put multiple sets of data into a single file, and the metadata which is then used to describe the data. It’s scheduled for delivery in Johannesburg on both 6 to 7 March and 12 to 13 March, giving attendees two date options as well. For more information on the course, download information at this link.

Last month SACIA introduced the IP and Networks course for the broadcast industry. The course has been very well received so they will be repeating the course on both 26 to 28 March and 9 to 11 April. The broadcast and media production world is rapidly transitioning from a bespoke environment with dedicated interconnections between specific to function hardware, to general purpose hardware, bespoke software and network interconnects based upon Internet Protocol (IP). A similar transition has taken place in the distribution and playout environment as servers become the norm and content is increasingly consumed through the internet. This three‐day course covers the core fundamentals representing the network infrastructure for interconnections in a file‐based or streaming environment and will also cover the underlying communication infrastructure and practical media applications.

For more information, download the course content here.

Lastly, SACIA will be heading to Cape Town on 3 to 5 April to deliver the industry-specific Train the Trainer course. As part of their commitment to promoting the adoption of professional standards, the association is looking to encourage established subject-matter experts to develop and deliver short training courses that are specific to the communications industry. Over the last 12 months, 25 people have completed this training, and they are now working with these industry experts to develop and deliver short courses to its membership. To find out how to get involved in training or mentorship, click on this link.

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