Inview endorsed as sole provider in Ethiopia’s DTT migration


Inview Technology announced that it has been selected by set-top box manufacturers
(Tana and Hi-Tech) and endorsed by the Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority (EBA) to be
the sole middleware provider for the Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) migration in

EBA has planned to manufacture and distribute up to 5 million set-top boxes in
Ethiopia for the digital switchover and Inview’s end-to end software solution will be
integrated in all of these DVB-T2 boxes.

Inview will be delivering a wide range of Broadcast Value Added Services (BVAS)
including a unified user interface (UI) and branding, feature rich EPG, government and
news information portal, eBooks for education, push VOD and advertising. These
services will allow the government to communicate directly with the nation to inform
and educate, while also enabling broadcasters to monetise the digital TV proposition
via advertising integrated directly into the EPG and UI with click through full screen
messages and adverts.

Jacques Van Hollebeke, VP EMEA said Ethiopia is the most populous landlocked
country in the world and we are thrilled to provide Broadcast Value Added Services for
the DTT migration. Our flexible cloud infrastructure, which enables a high level of
functionality but keeps set-top box prices down, in addition to the knowledge and
experience we have gained from supporting the transition to digital television in
Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa, will benefit the Ethiopian digital
switchover immensely.

Source: NexTV Africa


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