Mega8 eSports partners with UK-based Ginx TV


Mega8 eSports is proud to announce a new broadcast partnership with UK-based Ginx TV, in a bid to make eSports broadcasts more accessible to local audiences and to open up the South African gaming industry to an international audience.

As part of the agreement Ginx TV, a dedicated eSports channel, will broadcast South African eSports events starting with the Mega8 Dota 2 Winter Cup tournament taking place from 26 May to 28 May 2017.

“The partnership allows us as Mega8 eSports to reach a much wider audience by making the eSports broadcasts more accessible to the non-gaming public through the Ginx TV platforms. It will ultimately assists us in our quest to grow the eSports community, both competition and audience, in South Africa,’ says Mega8 eSports general manager, Given Radingwana.

Radingwana also said that eSports in South Africa has been growing at a steady pace and that he believes that the introduction of Ginx TV has validated South Africa’s place in the world of eSports.

Ginx TV has also recently expanded its reach to South Africa through its partnership with South African sports giant, SuperSport.

The Mega8 gaming platform is owned by Kagiso Media. Vincent Maher, Kagiso Media’s chief innovation officer adds, “Globally speaking, broadcast partnerships are instrumental in the growth of eSports and making it accessible to a broader audience. As Kagiso Media continues to develop eSports in South Africa we look forward to more teams, tougher competition and increased sponsor value.’

The Ginx TV channel offers its viewers news, entertainment as well as live eSports games which will now be streamed through Dstv Now.

For more information visit the Mega8 website.

Source: Jacaranda FM


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