Inaugural Blazer Film Festival to showcase films made by SA high school students


The Behind the Blazer Film Festival is an event that showcases the films made by South African high school students form the vibrant Townships, developed cities and not so distant rural areas. They are non-profit organisation dedicated to enriching young minds through local cultures, supporting the industry in driving the story telling throughout the country, through different communities, and reaching new audience.

The first Official Behind the Blazer Film Festival, taking place on 19 November 2016, will highlight the very best of filmmaking form different high schools with different background and experiences, exploring a broad range of topics that effect students in schools, communities and at home and stir their heart and minds.
The festival will also offer Q&A session with these young filmmakers.

The Behind the Blazer Film Festival is dedicated to the discovery of new films and talents around the country.

Celebrating creativity, independence and risk, the Behind the Blazer Film Festival plays a role in identifying, nurturing, skills transfer and talent scouting at high school level and connecting them with audience and industry in South Africa.

Behind the Blazer Film Festival showcases a selection of films with a running time of 10 to 20 minutes, these films are eligible for jury prizes and audience awards.

The culmination of the Behind the Blazer Film Festival is the Awards Ceremony. The competition jury comprises of six individuals from the worldwide film community with an original and diverse point of view, these films from different genres receive a range of awards. Dedicated by festivalgoers’ ballots, Audience Awards are bestowed upon each film.

‎Venue: Buhlebemfundo Secondary School (KwaThema)
Time: 10h00 – 16h00
Date: 19 November 2016

Corporate Support has made the festival possible, including the NFVF, Nemisa, Big Fish Film School, Just You Artist, Anamazing and the National Arts Council.

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Cera-Jane Catton is a writer and journalist with years of experience in community newspapers, blogging and freelance journalism. She has worked in a cache of capacities, often finding herself behind or in front of the cameras, intentionally and less so. She has been a stunt double in two Bollywood movies, has worked in various capacities on a number of natural history documentaries, and other international productions shot in South Africa. Cera is a former Screen Africa journalist.


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