Photo and film location in CT


A hidden gem with a domed roof in the southern suburbs of Cape Town is available for photo and film locations.

The Novalis Ubuntu Institute in Cape Town is a non-profit organisation committed to acknowledging, honouring and nurturing the unique gifts, talents and inner resources of each individual.

Their Holistic Adult Education Programme combines Steiner education principles with Ubuntu, the universal spiritual values embraced in African philosophy. They have been working in holistic education for more than 30 years.

The Novalis Ubuntu Institute is a unique and versatile venue centrally located.
The Institutes easily accessible venue make it suitable for a variety of events including conferences, workshops, exhibitions, seminars, talks, concerts, musicals, board meetings, receptions, screenings, launches, creative events and we are a great location for photography and film shoots.

Their clients include trainers, facilitators, NPO’s, government departments, both small and larger businesses, film and photographic companies, theatre groups, therapists, artists, authors and community markets.
The Novalis Ubuntu Institute offers a variety of cost effective options to suit both small and larger groups and events, productions and shoots.

For more information visit the Novalis website.

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Cera-Jane Catton is a writer and journalist with years of experience in community newspapers, blogging and freelance journalism. She has worked in a cache of capacities, often finding herself behind or in front of the cameras, intentionally and less so. She has been a stunt double in two Bollywood movies, has worked in various capacities on a number of natural history documentaries, and other international productions shot in South Africa. Cera is a former Screen Africa journalist.


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