ASA partners with MIFA for Africa’s first Animation Lounge


Since 2012, DISCOP has been our continent’s top-tier multi-screen, multi-platform market. Well over 250 global and regional sellers of television, film and everything in between come together for three days to showcase what Africa has to offer for not only its own rich audience, but also the rest of the world.

It is because of this industriousness that Animation South Africa (ASA), in a volley of of rapid-fire international discourses, is proud to announce it’s partnering with two celebrated global parties, the first of which was announced last week and is a partnership with TURNER International, who will be sponsoring the TURNER Kids’ Animation Pitching Competition taking place at DISCOP Johannesburg 2016.

Following hot on the heels of this partnership, ASA has now announced a new partnership with none other than MIFA as well.

Arguably the foremost animation market in the world. Celebrated as the market that coincides with the yearly Annecy International Animation Festival in France, MIFA, like the festival, has become a yearly international pilgrimage by the animation community to share, sell, and produce animated content.

And with the eye on the mecca that is MIFA and Annecy, it announced that it would be offering the winner of the TURNER Kid’s Animation Pitching Competition accreditation to MIFA 2017, to the value of €520.

This, accompanied by TURNER’s first and second prizes of $2 000 and $1 000 respectively, promises to ensure fierce and exciting competition at this prestigious event.

“Many landmark successes in the South African animation industry can be attributed to the relationship we have developed with MIFA,’ says Nick Wilson, chair of the Export Missions Committee of ASA. “It is nice for ASA to be able to reciprocate in a small way for the incredible support we have received from MIFA over the years and welcome them to the inaugural Animation Lounge at DISCOP Joburg 2016 as a partner.”

MIFA project manager, Veronique Encrenaz had the following to say: “MIFA and ASA have been growing a relationship for many years. Since 2011, Annecy and MIFA have been accompanying the South African talents and its growing animation industry. It seemed very natural to us to give an award to the winner of the first Animation Pitching competition organised by ASA in Johannesburg this year. We believe relationships between our two countries will keep increasing every year, accompanying the growing quality and expertise of South African animation.”

It is indeed heartening to see ASA’s growing partnerships and relationship with the larger global industry. By continuing to foster partnerships and relations such as these, we ensure that our creative voice as Africans is not only being heard, but continues to grow as ever-increasing choir.

To find out more about TURNER Kids’ Animation Pitching Competition and/or to purchase a DISCOP accreditation, email


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