Impressions of IBC 2016


With another IBC having come and gone, some key figures in broadcast technology in the Africa and Middle East region gave Screen Africa their impressions of the event.

Colin Wainer – Inala Broadcast

There were two main themes that I picked up at IBC:

  1. IP infrastructure in broadcast has been accepted as the way forward and will be adopted and implemented sooner rather than later. The number of leading edge manufacturers that have signed up to AIMS is growing daily. SMPTE 2022-6 interoperability demonstrations between manufacturers was a highlight and with SMPTE 2110 soon to be ratified, will make the decision for the broadcast industry easier to accept an IP infrastructure.
  2. Virtual Reality (VR) seems to be the next driver for broadcasters to differentiate themselves. Many manufacturers demonstrated VR and from the demonstration that I had the experience is fantastic. Once you can produce HD quality in real time VR will become a de facto standard.

As far as the new products demonstrated by Inala’s principal suppliers are concerned, the following were among the highlights:

  1. LiveIP is the world’s first complete proof-of-concept of a live production system that relies on IP and IT technology, using existing open standards for integrating multiple technology vendors, which included Axon/ EVS / Lawo / Tektronix and Vizrt
  2. Lawo – V-Matrix Software Defined IP core routing and processing platform
  3. Axon – Synview 4k and IP Mutiviewer, the world’s first fully functional multi-vendor live production system based on entirely IP and IT technology, was awarded top honors in a category that included BT Sport for its Augmented Reality for the UEFA Champions League project, and ESPN for the Pylon-Cam project.
  4. Pebble Beach – Orca Software defined virtualized IP channel and automation
  5. Riedel – Media Networks, real time media network providing nearly unlimited flexibility in moving, processing and distributing broadcast signals
  6. Tektronix – Prism, Media analysis solutions for IP/SDI infrastructure
  7. EVS – XT4K dedicated 4K live production server, leading publication TVBEurope promptly named it Best of Show
  8. Vinten- Vantage compact robotic head

Andrew Cole – Concilium

IBC 2016 was dominated by HDR vs 4K, IP infrastructure and OTT. Although the announcements of acquisitions seems to have slowed, Ross Video was the exception, announcing the addition of three new companies to their burgeoning portfolio of high quality broadcast production tools. There were a number of companies demonstrating IP infrastructure in the broadcast facility with Imagine Communications presenting a cost effective migration strategy towards next-generation IP infrastructure by creating a hybrid of an existing baseband blended with new IP technology. One strong focus was on driving down the cost of live broadcast contribution, with portable cellular bonding solutions that can be integrated with a traditional portable satellite dish to provide coverage even when there was poor or no cellular coverage.

Peter Kyriakos – Sony Professional Solutions MEA

IBC once again served as a brilliant platform to engage with industry professionals and demonstrate how Sony’s technology, solutions and services can provide content communities with new media production opportunities.

This year, we were able to further strengthen our foothold and presence as the ultimate end-to-end professional solutions provider through the demonstration of our key offerings, connecting with new prospects and educating partners & customers of our customer-driven holistic approach,” said Peter Kyriakos, Head of Marketing at Sony Professional Solutions for the MEA & CIS regions.

Within the media asset management pool of solutions showcased at IBC 2016 our Media Backbone NavigatorX stood out as it enables flexible feature options for production, archiving and workflow automation. The newest media in the Optical Disc Archive System rated with a 100 year shelf life triggered the interest of many as it provides higher accessibility – much more than other general archive media. Yet another highlight of the show was our IP based solutions which offer scalable, flexible and complete end-to-end workflow management thereby revolutionizing broadcaster operations. Overall, IBC 2016 laid the foundations for a solid Q4 and the year ahead,” added Kyriakos.


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