“Stroop’ is in edit and in need of help


The documentary project, Stroop, covers rhino poaching from all angles. It is an independent production that gets to the root of the issue. The filmmakers travelled the globe to uncover the truth on the ground, both in South Africa and abroad.

For the past two years, the Stroop production team has been filming all aspects of the situation affecting rhinos in national parks, provincial parks, private reserves, and many undisclosed areas. Their travels took them to major reserves including Kruger National Park and Hluhluwe-Imfolozi, and to the other side of the globe where relentless human consumption in Asia is driving demand for rhino horn. While they were granted access to film in some of South Africa’s most sensitive rhino areas, they bravely went undercover in Vietnam, Laos and China in order to get a first-hand look at the underworld there.

In their pursuit to stay independent, award winning filmmakers Bonne de Bod and Susan Scott, took to crowd funding to source what was needed to take on this mammoth task. Thanks to public and corporate donors Stroop has left no stone unturned while filming. The funds that were raised so far covered the filming work. Stroop is now ready to enter the next phase: editing.

“My hope is that Stroop will bring our rhino’s plight to the forefront of what is important to every South African, that a rhino poached is a rhino stolen from each of us. Our days in the field are done, and for now, it’s time to enter the edit suite, and finalize what we believe is the most informative film on rhino poaching to date. This is where we need your help’ said de Bod. Through the easy-to-use online platform, anyone can make a contribution to the documentary project Stroop.

Stroop will release later in 2016. To contribute visit the website.


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