Canon introduces the VB-M50B


Canon U.S.A., Inc. has unveiled the VB-M50B, a network camera capable of
capturing colour accurate video even in low light environments. The VB-M50B PTZ
network camera can reproduce colour video down to .04 lux and black and white
video down to .002 lux, making it ideal for many applications where lighting may be
limited, ranging from security and surveillance to web casting.

Canon’s heritage in optical and imaging processing technologies has led to the
development of this new network camera. Among these is a lens with a large
aperture ratio ranging from F1.8 (W) to F2.4 (T) which allows more light to reach
the camera’s CMOS image sensor, and Canon’s DIGIC DV III Image Processor which
helps to provide crisp images with colour accuracy, further helping to optimise the
overall video quality.

Long-range optical zoom and enhanced digital zoom

Among the VB-M50B’s features is a long-range optical zoom capability made
possible by the camera’s extended focal length. That functionality is backed by an
enhanced digital zoom function that can stream a lower resolution crop of the
original high-resolution video, thereby achieving a similar level of video quality as
with digital zoom – but at a lower resolution to help minimise costly bandwidth and
storage space.

The VB-M50B offers a precise pan/tilt mechanism (300°/sec pan and tilt speeds)
which can be beneficial to users who may establish up to 64 preset camera
positions and schedule up to five preset tour routes, helping to eliminate the need
for repeated manual adjustment of the pan/tilt/zoom positions.

The Canon Camera Management Tool (CCMT) allows users to manage most Canon
Network Cameras on a local network via a single screen. Configuration of the VB-
M50B is also simplified via ONVIF Profile S and Profile G support for quick and easy
configuration with many different video management software (VMS) solutions.

The simple setup and use offered by the VB-M50B is furthered by a camera viewer
and a mobile viewer that provide access to the camera’s features and functionality
from a variety of different compatible devices including PCs, mobile phones and
tablets. A built-in SD Memory Card slot also supports SD, SDHC, and SDXC cards to
provide a secondary means of saving live images and H.264 video. Additionally, the
camera’s variable bit rate stabilisation feature can help assure a more reliable
network connection by automatically suppressing spikes in bandwidth.

To further enhance usability the VB-M50B also includes two features, motion
adaptive noise reduction and area-specific data size reduction (ADSR), which are
both designed to help reduce data size while also helping to improve image quality.

The VB-M50B also offers image enhancement features including a new clear IR
mode which activates an infrared bandpass filter that allows only infrared light to
pass through to the image sensor.

The Canon VB-M50B PTZ Network Camera has a suggested list price of $34991 and
is currently scheduled to be available through authorised Canon dealers in April


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