ShowMax concludes deals to get vouchers into selected stores


ShowMax has concluded agreements that will see ShowMax vouchers going on sale
in more than 200 Massmart and Edcon retail stores across South Africa. This is part
of a larger drive to broaden access to internet TV.

Additionally, the local online VOD provider has concluded agreements that will see
ShowMax vouchers going on sale in 125 Game stores and more than 100 CNA stores
across the country. ShowMax vouchers have also been available in Pick n Pay
stores since December 2015.

Internet TV is taking off across South Africa with a number of local and international
services now available in the country. These retail voucher agreements are
important because access to most internet TV services is limited to those who can
pay via credit card, thereby excluding a large portion of the population.

Speaking about this, Chris Savides, head of Payments and Partnerships at ShowMax
said: “There’s a misconception that internet TV services are only suitable for the
select few with credit cards and top-notch fixed internet at home. We’ve taken a
different approach at ShowMax and have taken steps to address the unique
challenges we have in South Africa.’

“We’ve tackled the home internet question by adding download functionality to our
Android and iOS apps. This means that as long as someone has WiFi connectivity at
some point in the day, they can download TV shows and movies and then watch
them during their commute or when they get home. When it comes to paying for
ShowMax, not having a credit card isn’t an issue.’

Three different vouchers are available: one month’s subscription for R99, three
months for R297, and six months for R594. Once purchased, the voucher is
activated at the store. The voucher code can then be entered into the ShowMax
website, initiating the customer’s subscription.

ShowMax apps are available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets via the
respective app stores. ShowMax can also be viewed on selected Samsung and LG
smart TVs using dedicated apps, and also on laptop and desktop computers using a
wide range of web browsers.


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