ATFT thanks Pascal Schmitz for contribution to transformation


The Association for the Transformation in Film and Television (ATFT) announced the
departure of co-founder, director and public officer Pascal Schmitz.

Schmitz was instrumental in starting the ATFT in 2013 and has tirelessly worked
towards the organisation’s goals of sustainable transformation in the South African
film and television industries.

The ATFT’s director of International Relations, Mayenzeke Baza, had this to say of
Schmitz’s contribution to the ATFT: “The organisation would not be where it is today
without the passionate commitment of Pascal. He has helped to forge important
partnerships and to establish the organisation as a well-respected driver of
transformation. We are sorry to see him go but wish him well in future

The ATFT will continue in its efforts to support and develop black filmmakers in
Africa and to increase the growth of export by black owned companies in this sector
through the launch of their export accelerator programme in early 2016.


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