Afrinolly launches app to combat Africa’s film piracy problem


Afrinolly Limited has launched Afrinolly MarketPlace; a pay per view, secured
mobile platform for the distribution of Nollywood and African movies, short films,
series and more. The app is developed by the Afrinolly team that won the Sub-Saharan Africa Google Android Developers Challenge in 2011.

The US$5 billion Nigerian film industry has been plagued with the issue of piracy and
access for a long time. With Afrinolly MarketPlace, producers in Africa will be able
to offer their content via mobile phones and get paid for it without fear of piracy.

“This is an exciting moment for Nollywood and the African film industry as we
launch the Afrinolly MarketPlace; an African solution to the challenge of piracy… At Afrinolly, we believe African producers should be able to earn more from their content and African entertainment enthusiasts should have access to this content without the risk of piracy,’ said Chike Maduegbuna, CEO of Afrinolly Limited.

Users can stream content both via Afrinolly’s mobile site and via the app as efforts
have been made to keep the video viewing experience consistent regardless of the device or platform used. Content protection and a convenient payment system are two key elements of Afrinolly MarketPlace’s unique mobile distribution platform.

“We implemented multiplatform Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology and video optimisation solutions using industry standards so content is protected on the Afrinolly platform and we introduced carrier billing (Recharge Pay) so users can pay for content using airtime via their mobile network.’ said Tope Omotunde, CTO of Afrinolly Limited.

For N100, users in Nigeria will be able to watch a movie while a short film is priced at N50. GSM subscribers on the MTN Nigeria network can pay for content via their airtime and in a few weeks, Airtel network subscribers will also be able to utilise airtime to pay for content. Users in other parts of the world will pay 99¢ for a movie
via in-app payment systems.

“Afrinolly is powered by our Dynamic Transcoding Technology, which helps in
identifying the data speed of our users to be able to deliver a smooth video viewing
experience regardless of network or device type. Our App is backed by our
Intelligent Prediction Technology that recognises a user’s video content preference
based on their region, past contents watched, searches they have conducted and
device used,’ Omotunde says.

For more information, visit the Afrinolly


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