FilmLight and Sony take customers on a worldwide 4K HDR series of events


Anticipating that high dynamic range (HDR) 4K is the next evolutionary step for
production and post-production, FilmLight and Sony have mounted a series of
events across the globe to showcase their colour technology for companies that
create content for broadcast, film, promos and commercials.

At each presentation, Sony and FilmLight experts demonstrate how, together,
FilmLight’s solutions and the BVM-X300 Trimaster EL™ OLED monitor offer an
extraordinary 4K HDR-ready package for greater dynamic range, wider colour
gamut and better colour conformity.

All of FilmLight’s solutions deliver HDR and Ultra HD 4K content – from the FLIP
image processor, to the Daylight system for dailies and transcoding, through to the
Baselight high-performance colour grading system and Baselight Editions, which
bring the Baselight toolset directly into the NLE and VFX pipelines. This makes
colour grading an integral part of the production pipeline with huge improvements in
productivity and quality – not just a task at the end of the process. The end result is
that content looks its best in any context across production, editorial, VFX and

And with their new flagship professional monitor, the BVM-X300, Sony has
introduced the ideal tool for a wide range of applications in the 4K production
workflow, such as colour grading on-set, in post and quality control.

Colourists demonstrate the creative possibilities of 4K HDR imagery on episodic and
long-form content on the Baselight system. Attendees are able to discuss how HDR
affects the artistic process in production and post, and also experience the effects
of the 4K HDR display on their perception of resolution and depth. The presentations
also include Daylight, the Baselight for Avid plugin and the Slate control panel for
an optimised render-free workflow.


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