PromaxBDA Africa 2015 highlight: Jihan Zencirli


At the PromaxBDA Africa conference this year, which takes place on 20 November
at the Maslow Hotel in Johannesburg, Jihan Zencirli will deliver a session titled: “No
Really – Break a Leg. Less is Best. Hope for the Worst.’ As the founder of Geronimo
Balloon Troopers, Zencirli has earned a reputation as a leading business influencer
and creative innovator.

About the session

How many times have you thought that the solution to your success is something
achingly outside your reach? Whether it’s a tool, a connection, an investor, a
degree, a new computer, a bigger budget, a business partner, an office with a view,
a better boss, or a relaxing trip to the coast? Even the most respected, capable,
creative and industrious humans are programmed to seek their missing piece
outside themselves – often at the expense of time, and fresh innovation.
In this session you will not only explore the act of embracing limitations but also
the deliberate process of seeking and inventing restrictions and limitations as a
needful process to find solutions within oneself.

Jihan’s session persuasively suggests that without the crutch of known paths, you
can find yourself in the ideal environment for the spark of your own brilliance and
genius to appear.

For more information visit the PromaxBDA
Africa website


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