Cartoni introduces four new Focus Fluid Heads for lightweight cameras


Cartoni, provider of high-end camera support technology, is introducing a new range of Focus Fluid Heads specifically designed for today’s smaller, lighter high-performance cameras. The four new dynamic heads, Focus 8, Focus 12, Focus 18 and Focus 22, accommodate an array of camera, lens and accessory packages from 0 – 22kg (0 – 48.50lbs). Each includes Cartoni’s patented counterbalance system for excellent performance and each comes with the company’s 5-year warranty.

Rugged, yet easy to operate, compact Focus Fluid Heads combine extremely lightweight magnesium alloys construction with precision engineering, making them ideal for a range of applications from news gathering and documentary shooting to motion picture production and studio use.

“Camera operators will be inspired by the smooth fluid feel of our new Focus range,’ said Cartoni CEO Elisabetta Cartoni. “The fluid sensation is one that can only be delivered by a perfect counterbalance system. The heads are ultra-light, yet, through their simple ergonomic settings, provide perfect performance every time. You have to feel it to believe it.’

For more information and the full Focus range feature list visit the Cartoni website.


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