Radio France implements audio distribution via satellite


The French national public service broadcaster, Radio France, has deployed 60
2wcom FlexDSR02+ units equipped with dual tuner options to service its growing

2wcom’s FlexDSR02+ and FlexDSR04+ digital satellite receivers offer an
exceptionally comprehensive feature set, with support for all major audio formats,
automatic programme switching, full regionalisation capabilities, SIRC remote control
through satellite, fail-safe dedicated hardware, and many more functions that allow
broadcasters greater operational flexibility and cost savings. Emmanuel Chantry,
head of network and telecom projects at Radio France said, “The dual-tuner option
and the built-in support for streaming are very important features of the FlexDSR
units and we are achieving useful savings in rack space too.’

FlexDSR02+/04+ accepts input from satellite (DVB-S/S2), internet (IP) and
synchronous transmission lines (STL with ASI). SD card-based internal memory
capacity facilitates additional backup solutions and transmission scenarios.
Automatic weight balancing of quality parametres and failover switching to
alternative input sources (satellite, IP-line, ASI, SD card) is complemented by
seamless audio fading between sources.

“We’re very happy that the team at Radio France has been able to benefit from the
wide range of features and flexibility in the FlexDSR+ product line to implement
exactly the functionality it needed,’ said Werner Drews, managing director of
2wcom. “A major infrastructure project like this confirms once again that FlexDSR is
the leading solution for audio satellite distribution.’

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